Top 5 Reasons NOT to Visit Miramichi, New Brunswick


Photo © Courtesy of the City of Miramichi

Welcome to Miramichi, New Brunswick, a charming Canadian city full of unique quirks.

In many ways, it’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in much-needed relaxation. It’s a bonafide fish-your-heart-out haven for fishing enthusiasts, and the amenities and services available throughout the city ensure every visitor has a trip to remember. But don’t be fooled: no city is perfect. Here are a few reasons to avoid a trip to Miramichi, NB.

1. No traffic? No, thank you.

Everyone knows that the best part of a vacation is navigating the tricky roads filled with traffic. But in Miramichi, the traffic is so light that you might mistake the roads for your own personal race track. With the absence of honking horns and rush-hour chaos, you might actually enjoy the serenity of the open roads. Just don’t get too used to it—we can’t promise the same for your return home.

2. Outdoor fun is too tiring

Sure, Miramichi is the Striped Bass Capital of Canada, but who needs the satisfaction of catching too many fish and the ensuing sore arms? Ignore the stunning fall leaves, apple-picking adventures, and corn maze escapades. And at all costs, avoid fishing in our private pools or exploring the “Mighty Miramichi” by boat. Who would ever want to catch and cook their own delicious bass dinner?

Photo © Courtesy of City of Miramichi

3. There’s Simply Too Much To Do

Indoors and outdoors, adventures lurk around every corner, and there are too many to choose from! Why subject yourself to choosing between the leisurely activity of tubing down a warm river or the unique adventure of stand-up paddleboarding? You can experience the Miramichi River with an authentic river tour, but be warned: locals say that the relaxation might just have you coming back for more, time and time again.

4. Beware of Overwhelming Friendliness

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the friendliness of Miramichi’s hosts and communities. With a lineup of amenities and services, you might find yourself questioning if you’ve accidentally wandered into the set of a Hallmark movie. From local eateries to hidden gems, the genuine warmth might just make you sick—in the best way possible.

© Courtesy of City of Miramichi

5. Celebrating Everything and Anything is Too Much

Who needs the excitement of festivals and events that showcase heritage, culture, and a fun-loving nature? Brace yourself for the Miramichi Striper Cup, the Rotary RibFest, the Annual Fishermen Powwow, the Miramichi Folksong Festival, the Miramichi Irish Festival, and even the Mayor’s Welcome BBQ. There are events happening in Miramichi all year long, and everyone is invited. Warning: Joy and laughter are likely side effects.

If you choose to embrace the unexpected and discover the quirks that make this town a one-of-a-kind destination, Miramichi might just be your dream getaway. But if you prefer high-stress vacations that leave you missing your daily grind, you’ll want to think twice before packing your bags for this charming corner of Canada.

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Come visit the Winter Wonderland of Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors! A famous hub for snowmobile enthusiast, the Miramichi region offers much more to beat the winter blues! From snowshoeing, sleigh rides and cross-country skiing, to winter retreats, breweries, and dining! Bundle up and head to Miramichi!


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