FoodMesh is Turning “Food Waste” into Sustainable Solutions


Photo © Courtesy of FoodMesh

Calling all organizations that handle food: what are you currently doing with your organic waste?

Well, first of all, you can stop thinking of it as waste. Waste only happens when there is no end-user, and FoodMesh believes that there is a recipient for every “wasted” food.

A Vancouver-based social enterprise, FoodMesh is dedicated to helping businesses keep their unsold food out of landfills. Their mission is to revolutionize the way we think about food surplus.

The first step in addressing food surplus is to change the way we perceive it. Instead of seeing it as waste, FoodMesh sees it as an opportunity to make a positive impact on both society and the environment. There are a multitude of ways your unsold food can be put to good use so it doesn’t end up in waste streams.

Whether you have excess inventory, food that is nearing its best-before date, food that is too ‘ugly,’ damaged, or bruised to be put onto shelves, or even plate scraps, off-cuts, and by-products that you think are unsalvageable… FoodMesh can help you find a way to use that food.

FoodMesh acts as a bridge between organizations with surplus food and those in need. By tapping into a diverse network of local hunger relief organizations, FoodMesh ensures that edible surplus food is collected and redistributed quickly and safely to people in your communities who need it most.

Moreover, food that’s better suited for animal consumption is connected with local farmers, reducing the burden on landfills and providing valuable nutrition for livestock. Anything left over is carefully directed to other service providers to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Photo © Courtesy of FoodMesh
Photo © Courtesy of FoodMesh

The Urgency of the Issue

Food waste is an enormous problem in Canada and across the globe, both socially, environmentally, and economically. The statistics surrounding it are staggering—in Canada alone, 58 per cent of food produced goes unconsumed, with 32 per cent of it being potentially reducible. Shockingly, one in seven families in Canada faces food insecurity, highlighting the urgency of addressing food surplus. Statistics show that food insecurity rates are rising year after year, which begs the question: If so much of our unconsumed food is salvageable, why are Canadian families facing food insecurity?

However, the problem extends far past Canadian borders. The environmental impact of food waste cannot be ignored. Between eight to 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions result from lost and wasted food. If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions.

Food waste is not just a problem for businesses or consumers—it affects us all. But together, we can make a difference. By partnering with FoodMesh, organizations can take a proactive step towards reducing their environmental footprint while simultaneously helping communities in need.

Whatever type of organization you are, it’s time to rethink your approach to surplus food and start turning “food waste” into sustainable solutions.

Visit to learn more and get involved in the solution and start making a positive impact.

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