Collaboration for B.C.’s Greener, Economically Prosperous Future


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British Columbian innovators stand at the forefront of Canada’s transition to a sustainable, technologically advanced, and economically prosperous future. However, despite its robust collaborative ecosystem, challenges like limited or highly specific funding opportunities and information barriers often impede major industries from embracing net-zero advancements.

Enter clustering, a strategic approach that has paved the way for groundbreaking initiatives, like Foresight British Columbia’s Net Zero Innovation Network (BCNZIN). Launched in 2023, BCNZIN acts as a catalyst, uniting the province’s key industries, academia, government bodies, and Indigenous communities to craft solutions to reduce carbon emissions and build resilience against climate change.

At the heart of BCNZIN lies its collaborative framework, focused on sectors vital to British Columbia’s economy, such as mining, forest bioeconomy, transportation, and water. These sectors not only employ a substantial workforce but also contribute significantly to the province’s revenue, making a thoughtful, just, and inclusive transition imperative.

The network’s approach is simple yet powerful: by bringing together industry leaders from diverse sectors in Working Groups, BCNZIN identifies opportunities and bridges existing gaps in a rapidly evolving climate landscape. Recent developments like Edison Motors’ electric semi-truck rollout show the ability of the clean technology innovation landscape to develop to meet the needs of British Columbia’s major industries. BCNZIN brings innovation, funding, and technology development ecosystems together to accelerate the adoption of these technologies.

Working Groups in Action

Our Working Groups are industry-driven, steering the development of affordable research, tailored projects, collaborative networks, and equitable cost-sharing opportunities to ignite net zero adoption in British Columbia.

Our working groups include:
  • Metro Vancouver Clean Transportation
  • Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)
  • Mining Decarbonization
  • Drought Water Technology
  • Decarbonizing Water Infrastructure
  • Wood Fibre Insulation Manufacturing
  • Innovative Forest Management
  • Fibre Utilization and Carbon Monetization
  • Opportunities for Industrial Byproducts

Metro Vancouver has a tremendous opportunity to advance public transportation and charging infrastructure. Last September, the BCNZIN and Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) held the first Metro Vancouver Clean Transportation Working Group meeting, bringing together major stakeholders to discuss these advancement opportunities. Through honest dialogue and collaboration, the sessions addressed challenges and knowledge gaps, and coordinated action on priority projects to strengthen clean transportation in the region.

This Working Group uncovered:
  • Opportunities and projects around advancing charging infrastructure
  • The importance of data sharing
  • Future projects on driving zero emission demand

As a facilitator in this conversation, BCNZIN was able to understand perspectives from all stakeholders and rightsholders, including innovators, industry, government, and academics, to assess the feasibility of project opportunities and find immediate pathways forward.

Join a Working Group, Shape B.C.’s Future

Interested in becoming part of this transformative journey? Working Groups are ideal for industry, academia, local governments, municipalities, communities, and First Nations.

Explore BCNZIN’s engagement opportunities tailored to suit diverse interests, ranging from free news and information access to exclusive Working Group participation.

Together, let’s build a sustainable legacy for generations to come. Join us as we collaborate towards a greener tomorrow at

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Foresight’s Net Zero Innovation Network in British Columbia de-risks and builds capacity for sectors working towards decarbonization and sustainability. Through our network and working groups, we partner with industry and develop solutions by building projects with innovators, academia, government, communities, and First Nations. 


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