25 Years of Promoting Canada’s Official Bilingualism


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Fun & free programs in French for students in Grades 7 to 12

A hub for diversity, Canada is one of 55 countries worldwide that is officially recognized as bilingual, with over 40 per cent of residents speaking two or more languages (as of 2021)*. Bilingualism comes with benefits: Studies have shown that bilingual people have strengthened cognitive abilities, are more creative, and find it easier to focus on multiple tasks.

Being bilingual opens not only professional doors, but personal doors, too—being able to communicate in more than one language allows for stronger and more diverse social and intercultural connections and access to cultural content in the form of music, films, books, and more in their original languages.

French for the Future, a national non-profit organization, recognizes that bilingualism is at the heart of Canadian identity and is the foundation of Canadian social cohesion and diversity. The organization inspires a passion for Canada’s official bilingualism among youth from Grades 7 to 12 through programs and conferences.

For a quarter of a century, French for the Future has been at the forefront of promoting Canada’s official bilingualism, providing invaluable opportunities for students across the nation to explore the rich tapestry of languages and cultures that define Canada. What sets French for the Future apart is its unwavering mission to make all its programs accessible and free, ensuring that no student is left behind.

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© Courtesy of French for the Future

Embracing Diversity

Language serves as a bridge between communities, forging social and intercultural connections that transcend borders. Canada’s commitment to bilingualism allows for meaningful interactions between English and French speakers, fostering understanding and empathy. Through French for the Future’s initiatives, approximately 40,000 students annually are exposed to the beauty and cultural richness of the French language. This exposure not only enhances their linguistic skills but also nurtures their capacity to empathize with Francophones both in Canada and around the world.

French for the Future is constantly expanding its array of programs to provide even more opportunities for Canadian students. The organization awards $377,000 in scholarships annually through its National Essay Contest, open from October to December every year, motivating young individuals to continue their education in French at the post-secondary level. Additionally, the 15 Local Forums held across the country, including in Toronto and Ottawa, bring together hundreds of young Francophones and Francophiles to explore the abundant opportunities offered by bilingualism. Online, the organization provides Fr+, a digital space for 14 to 17-year-olds to interact with others their age on topics that matter to them, in French!

© Courtesy of French for the Future

Fostering Bilingual Brilliance

A new school year marks new learning opportunities. French for the Future has three programs open for students as of this month.

Franconnexion Session

The Franconnexion Session, with its educational toolkit downloaded over 3,000 times, has become a valuable resource for teachers eager to motivate French learning in their classrooms. This program connects students to the beauty of the French language and culture, igniting their passion for bilingualism.

United Bilingual Correspondents

Through United Bilingual Correspondents, French for the Future successfully matches hundreds of students throughout Canada, facilitating meaningful connections and cultural exchanges. This initiative strengthens bonds between English and French speakers, nurturing a sense of unity across the country.

Contest: Lance ton balado (Launch your podcast)

This exciting contest encourages students to showcase their linguistic skills and creativity by launching podcasts in French. By providing a platform for expression, French for the Future empowers young voices and encourages them to share their unique perspectives with the world.

Beyond these initiatives, French for the Future’s commitment to nurturing bilingual ambassadors continues through the National Ambassador Youth Forum. This program trains young individuals to advocate for bilingualism and the French language, ensuring that the torch of linguistic diversity is passed down to future generations.

Using French outside of the classroom can be easy, fun and free. Visit french-future.org to learn more.

*Statistics Canada, 2022

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About French for the Future

French for the Future is a non-profit organization that supports and motivates high school students toward bilingualism. French for the Future promotes Canada’s official bilingualism and the immediate and lifelong benefits of learning and communicating in French to students in grades 7 to12 across Canada.


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