Sights Set on a Brighter Future Thanks to the Gift of Sight


 Through the generosity of donors like you, Samad (centre right), pictured here with his parents and younger brother, was able to access life-changing cataract surgery, free of charge. © Courtesy of Operation Eyesight Universal

The Gift of Sight gives a child the chance to succeed in school, play with friends, engage with their community, and see a brighter future. 

For his entire life, seeing through only one eye was all Samad had ever known. The 10-year-old lives with his parents and brother in the village of Dhampur Tehsil, in Uttar Pradesh, India. Both of his parents have physical disabilities and cannot work, so they could barely scrounge enough to feed their family, let alone find the funds to correct Samad’s vision loss. 

He struggled to see the world clearly and wondered if an education and the ability to provide for himself and a family of his own one day would ever be attainable.

Everything changed when a community health worker trained by Operation Eyesight arrived on the family’s doorstep during a door-to-door eye health screening. She discovered that Samad had a cataract in his right eye and urged his parents to take him to a nearby vision centre.

Sadly, Samad’s parents weren’t convinced they could do anything to restore their son’s vision. This was the only reality they had ever known, and they could not afford the treatment nor the cost of travel to the vision centre. 

Undeterred, the community health worker again visited the family’s home to follow up, informing Samad’s parents that a simple checkup could determine whether his sight could be restored. 

She also told them about Operation Eyesight’s sustainable and inclusive model, which empowers those who can afford to pay for their treatments to do so, subsidizing the cost for those who can’t afford treatment. 

“Many families across India and the globe face barriers to accessing eye health care, including lack of finances, misinformation and lack of health education,” explains Dr. Troy Cunningham, Operation Eyesight’s Country Director for India. “Our teams of community health workers play a key role in bringing eye health screening to people’s homes and educating families about accessing health services when they need it.”

The community health worker’s tenacity paid off. Finally convinced, Samad’s parents took him to the Nehtaur Vision Centre, where he was diagnosed with a mature cataract in his right eye and referred to the C.L. Gupta Eye Institute, Operation Eyesight’s local partner hospital, for surgery. Samad received his surgery free of charge and was finally able to see with both eyes for the first time in his life. 

His parents say they are very thankful to the hospital and to Operation Eyesight’s donors for providing their family with access to quality eye care. With his vision restored, Samad can now envision a more promising future.

This holiday season, please consider giving the Gift of Sight. Your donation will make all the difference for more children like Samad. Donate today at

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Operation Eyesight an international development organization working to prevent blindness and restore sight. 


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