Giving Gifts of Goodness This Holiday Season


Packing Goodness Gifts © Courtesy of SAAAC Autism Centre

Vidushan was once part of the 85 per cent of unemployed young adults on the autism spectrum in Ontario.

“Life after high school was very difficult,” Dushy, mother of Vidushan, explained. “There were not a lot of services, not a lot of opportunities for him to grow. He stayed at home, and all the progress Vidushan had made in school was quickly disappearing. We were desperate.”

Young people like Vidushan are the reason why the SAAAC Autism Centre, a Toronto-based charity, created the Goodness Gift. Goodness Gift is a gifting company that trains and hires individuals with exceptionalities.

“Our intention with the Goodness Gift is to amplify good,” Jallaja Pararajasingham, Manager of the Goodness Gift, shared. “When you buy from us, you are not only receiving high-quality, locally sourced goods, but you are actively providing employment opportunities to deserving individuals.”

Goodness Gift creates an opportunity to feel good and do good by providing support for those struggling to maintain employment due to the barriers that exist.

This seemingly small gesture changes lives in the long term by empowering people to contribute to the workforce in a meaningful way.

Goodness Gift, SAAAC Autism Centre, building gift boxes, christmas gifts
© Courtesy of SAAAC Autism Centre

The Goodness Gift provides individuals aged 18+ with job-specific training and paid employment in areas of retail fulfillment, warehouse management, and inventory management. At the same time, this social enterprise carefully curates each box while highlighting local businesses and other organizations that prioritize giving back and spreading joy.

In 2022-2023, Goodness Gift looks to hire 21 individuals part-time to support the growing operations. The enterprise provides job training, soft skills training, and other accommodations, such as job coaches, to support employees master their tasks. When given the right training and the right opportunities, what sets people apart can also help them stand out.

“Ultimately, our goal with Goodness Gift is to provide inclusive employment opportunities for individuals with exceptionalities,” Pararajasingham said. “Our company goes beyond selling beautiful products. We strive to empower our employees to build meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

This holiday season, socially conscious gifting is on the rise. From recycled and upcycled clothing and home decor to goods crafted and sold right here in our communities, giving feels even better when your gifts have an impact. The Goodness Gift is a leading option for premium, socially conscious gift-giving, and both you and your giftee will feel great knowing that your gift is changing lives for the better.

Packaging Goodness Gifts, SAAAC Autism Centre, Autism jobs
© Courtesy of SAAAC Autism Centre

About The SAAAC Autism Centre

The SAAAC Autism Centre is a Toronto-based charity whose mission is to make autism services equitable for all Canadians. The Centre provides culturally responsive autism services targeting culturally and linguistically diverse families. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, our Centre offers a dynamic range of services that support the development of individuals on the autism spectrum at all life stages, along with their caregivers.

Learn more and order your Goodness Gift today at

You can connect with the SAAAC Autism Centre and see what goes into Goodness Gifts when you follow their Instagram account: @thegoodnessgift

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Goodness Gift creates an opportunity to feel good, and do good by providing support for those struggling to maintain employment due to the barriers that exist. This seemingly small gesture changes lives in the long term – empowering people with exceptionalities to contribute to the workforce in a meaningful way.


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