Good Foot Delivers Change to the Neurodiverse Community


Photo © Courtesy of Goof Foot Delivery

Good Foot Delivery provides meaningful employment for the neuro-diverse community through a reliable, professional courier service delivered via public transit and on foot.

In July 2021, after a year in lockdown, Good Foot’s employees finally gathered for their first in-person social event; a picnic filled with food, games, and sunshine. Social events are a vital part of the inclusive community that Good Foot curates for all of its employees, and after a year of virtual events, just being together in person felt special. For many, it had been over a year since they had last seen their colleagues outside of a video screen.

Founded in 2010, Good Foot Delivery is a Toronto organization that provides meaningful employment for the neuro-diverse community. The core of Good Foot’s business model is a professional Courier service that offers same-day delivery in the Toronto area. Travelling across the city, Good Foot Couriers deliver anything from legal documents to care packages for businesses looking to show appreciation to their staff.

Photo © Courtesy of Good Foot Delivery

When the pandemic first struck, Good Foot had to pause service for months. Although demand for deliveries was high, the safety and well-being of the Couriers was a priority. As the organization developed the safety procedures necessary to resume operations, a robust engagement strategy was also developed to support the Couriers as they dealt with the subsequent changes to routines, isolation, and uncertainty. When asked how his son, Alan, fared during the pandemic, Good Foot parent Barry said, “he was constantly engaged and much of the credit for his ability to cope throughout COVID-19 goes to the amazing, never-ending efforts of the Good Foot staff.”

Over the last ten years, Good Foot has hired and trained over 60 individuals from the neurodiverse community. Training takes place at the perfect pace for each individual and ensures that every trainee feels fully ready before taking on the next step. Couriers learn to be confidently independent on the job, ready to troubleshoot and adapt to any situation that might arise.

Through Good Foot’s In, Up and Out employment program, Couriers participate in skill development workshops and have opportunities for external job placements that further expand learning. Good Foot’s holistic approach to employment means Couriers have the support and tools required for success, both in the workplace and within the community at large. Couriers are supported when navigating personal and professional changes and build transferable skills that they can use in any environment. For Couriers and Office Staff, Good Foot is more than just a job—many Couriers consider Good Foot to be like a second family. For Good Foot, that’s what inclusive, meaningful employment is all about.

How to Support

Place an order: Consider using Good Foot’s reliable service the next time you need something delivered in Toronto.
Donate: Donations enable us to continually improve and expand the range of services and support to help position the Couriers for success.

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Good Foot Delivery provides engaging employment for people from the neuro-diverse community through a competitive professional courier service delivered via public transit with pride.


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