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Hand Hygiene Is A Necessity

Keeping hands clean throughout the day can be difficult – especially considering the precautions required for COVID-19. Our suggestion? Always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on you to use while on-the-go. Our hand sanitizer, made with 75% ethyl alcohol, has been approved by Health Canada and is ready to help keep your hands clean and your family safe.

Since the advent of COVID-19, it seems as if there are germs everywhere! They can get onto hands and items we touch during daily activities and make us sick. Cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you.

There are important differences between washing hands with soap and water and using hand sanitizer. Soap and water work to remove all types of germs from hands, while sanitizer acts by killing certain germs on the skin.

Hand sanitizers also may not remove harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, and heavy metals like lead.

In view of the growing health concerns, hand sanitizers have become extremely important in our daily life. However, with the increased demand, there has been an influx of sub-standard products, many of which are formulated with technical-grade alcohol, which is not permissible for human use. Many are oily and sticky with poor absorption, while some have as low a viscosity as water. Health Canada has already taken notice of these quality issues and has advised pulling more than 50 brands of hand sanitizers from the market. Across the border, the FDA has taken similar action against more than 100 brands. The situation warrants exercising caution while picking up a sanitizer off the shelf.

  • Greeniche Natural Health, one of the most trusted brands in consumer healthcare across Canada, has introduced a hand sanitizer which:
  • is approved by Health Canada and conforms to all quality standards
  • is made with 75% food-grade ethyl alcohol
  • has a balanced pH formula
  • absorbs rapidly & completely, leaving the skin soft & supple
  • kills 99.9% of common germs


Whether for home use, or for the safety of staff at workplaces, Greeniche Hand Sanitizer has suitable options in 300ml pump-action bottles, 60ml fit for use while on the move, and 1L/4L sizes for commercial establishments and other institutions.

For more information, visit your neighbourhood pharmacy or

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