All You Need is LOVE

TOP Image: Paul Burns and Alana Walker Carpenter © Donna Santos Studio

Everyone is on a journey. With a bit of faith and a lot of love, each of our unique talents and gifts can contribute to building a better world where everyone belongs—and Intriciti believes that business leaders have an unprecedented platform of influence.

Founded to inspire business leaders to integrate their faith and business, Intriciti has evolved into a Canadian organization that provides meaningful connections and relevant experiences. Since its inception, Intriciti has created countless connections with individuals and organizations, and is focused on building authentic relationships and a community to last a lifetime. Intriciti understands that everyone’s journey is unique and meets people where they are—free of judgement and full of love and respect.

Alana Walker Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer of Intriciti, believes that listening is an essential part of being a leader and that there is no greater privilege than listening to the stories of the people she meets. With more than 20 years of experience in leading a ministry, Walker Carpenter has learned that keeping this goal at the forefront of every interaction is the foundation for all relationships.

Neil Hetherington and Alana Walker Carpenter © Donna Santos Studio

Relationships have become a trademark of Intriciti, and their work has been able to make endless connections based on the needs and requirements of each individual and organization they work with.

“We simply meet people where they are at with a desire to authentically connect with no agenda other than to extend love,” Walker Carpenter said.

Throughout the week, the team engages with personal connections, old and new, to provide ongoing encouragement, counsel, and prayer. Everyone is met where they are regardless of whether one has a little faith, a lot of faith, or no faith at all.

“Intriciti understands that the love of Jesus has a ‘multiplier’ property to it. When that love gets released in businesses, in relationships, in families—it takes moments that are dark and hopeless and transforms them into beacons of light and purpose.” — Paul Burns, Former Managing Director, Twitter Canada

With a focus on supporting business leaders and corporate Canada, Walker Carpenter is a trusted confidant and advisor to some of Canada’s most influential people. Forming these relationships has led Intriciti to a network of connections that provides boundless opportunities for philanthropy. Through partnerships with various charitable organizations, Intriciti can identify individuals for board appointments, source talent for paid and unpaid roles, and align donors financially and in-kind to organizations. As relationships form and are nurtured, new opportunities often arise. Intriciti uses that to their advantage—and to the advantage of those they work with. Intriciti uses the power of connection to empower and support corporations, non-profits, and individuals within their sphere of influence.

“I’ve seen firsthand this love in the boardroom, at the coffee shop, and charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity build sites or at the Daily Bread Food Bank distribution centre. The gift of Alana and the Intriciti team is the ability to support people while uplifting the community." — Neil Hetherington, CEO, Daily Bread Food Bank

Relationships can change lives for the better. Our communities can flourish when we focus on forming connections based on love, empathy, and compassion.

Make every season one of reconnection. Make a connection today at

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