Canada’s First Down Syndrome Bodybuilder is Inspiring Thousands

Kyle Landi © Courtesy of Kimberly Murphy

By Allie Murray

Kyle Landi is many things—a son, friend, Power Ranger in training, and Canada’s first Down syndrome bodybuilder.

At 23 years old, Landi has made an immeasurable difference in both the bodybuilding world and for representation of people with disabilities in sport. He has built up an online following of some 280,000 followers on Instagram and 380,000 followers on TikTok and wants to inspire others in his journey.

“Bodybuilding allows Kyle to be who he really is in the gym,” his mother, Kimberly Murphy, shared. “He feels like he is on the same level as everyone else and does not see his disability when he is at the gym. The gym is where he learns discipline, proper nutrition and supplements, and builds a community of like minded people. He loves seeing how everyone is striving to get better everyday and loves seeing the improvement in his body and the way he feels.”

Landi has long had a passion for sport; his parents shared that ever since he was little, he loved to join any kind of sport he could—whether it was dance, gymnastics, or weight training, he loved it all.

Landi was inspired by bodybuilding, in particular, after a trip to Las Vegas with his stepfather to watch Mr. Olympia, a professional men’s bodybuilding competition. The competition inspired him to give the sport a go—aspiring to one day compete in Mr. Olympia himself.

“Kyle aspires to compete at the next Pure Muscle Championship competition, win and one day compete at the Amateur Mr. Olympia Contest,” Murphy explained. “He hopes, as we do too, inspire others like him to have no limits with Down syndrome and become a bodybuilder, model, actor, or whatever it is they dream of becoming.”

kyle landi
© Courtesy of Kimberly Murphy

Landi’s social media accounts are run under the moniker Green Ranger Kyle, a special tribute to his favourite show and character.

“Kyle is a big fan of the Power Rangers, Green Ranger was his favourite,” Murphy said. “At the time of starting his social media this was his favourite superhero and he even has a couple of Green Ranger costumes he wears and practices his karate kicks in.”

Having just begun his bodybuilding journey in January of this year, Landi hopes to continue to inspire others. He trains every day, both in the gym and at home, where he can be found on his treadmill for two hours a day, Murphy shared. His journey has led him to work with a Los Angeles-based fitness company, compete in local competitions, and inspire hundreds of thousands online.

“He is a role model and inspiration for all those who watch him or come in contact with him,” she explained. “He is very dedicated to his craft.”

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