Empowering Lives: LifeSavers Foundation’s Journey of Compassion and Healing


Thousands of children seek treatment at The Doctor Spot © Courtesy of LifeSavers Foundation

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, lies a community that prioritizes hope and healing. LifeSavers Foundation, founded in 2002 by a group of compassionate women with a shared vision, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those in crisis, particularly children and women who are unable to meet the challenges of providing for their families without assistance. LifeSavers has served tens of thousands of women, children, and families with free healthcare, social services, and goods from their resale store.

At the core of LifeSavers’ mission is a commitment to provide holistic support addressing immediate needs and seeking solutions that can lead to a more abundant life. Through its flagship program, The Doctor Spot clinics, LifeSavers offers vital healthcare services to uninsured children aged zero through 18 years. Services include routine check-ups, sick visits, vaccinations, diabetes and asthma management, and much more.

One of their key initiatives is LifeSavers’ Upscale Resale store, a thriving hub offering a diverse array of merchandise to the public, including clothing and accessories, furniture, household items, and much more. All items sold are donated through the generosity of the community. Each purchase made at the resale store directly funds LifeSavers’ vital programs, like The Doctor Spot.

The resilience and compassion exhibited by LifeSavers reflect a deeper commitment to their community, going above and beyond by providing goods and services. Their vision is a holistic approach to healing, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They strive to be the “healing hands” of Jesus Christ.

lifesavers foundation
© Courtesy of LifeSavers Foundation

“LifeSavers has had such a huge impact on the community of Dallas, having served tens of thousands of people in need,” said Board Member Jessica Freeman. “People may feel like they need to leave the country to go on a mission trip when, in reality, there’s a mission field a couple of miles down the road.”

Central to LifeSavers’ work is the belief that everyone deserves dignity, care, and support regardless of circumstance. Every aspect of their work, from the provision of free medical services to the dissemination of resources and educational materials, is driven by this Biblical teaching.

“We have one of the largest uninsured populations and one of the highest poverty levels in not only the State of Texas but the nation,” explained Founder and Board Chair Jody Mow. “In 2023, we treated kids not only from our own community, but from other states and more than 15 countries. Why should we care? Because they are here in our city and have nothing. Many of them have never seen a doctor or received a vaccination of any kind. LifeSavers is a stopping point. We are a point of help. We are a point of support. The parents we serve love their children—and let me tell you, Jesus loves their children too.”

The Doctor Spot is the only safe and exclusively 100 percent free primary care clinic for children in Dallas County.

© Courtesy of LifeSavers Foundation

LifeSavers Foundation is an umbrella of support under which families in need can get help, supplies, and healthcare education. What began as a humble initiative to support single mothers and underserved families has blossomed into a multifaceted organization addressing a spectrum of needs within the community.

Over the years, LifeSavers has expanded its reach, partnering with local pregnancy centers, collaborating with other nonprofits like Amazing Grace Life to build God’s Kingdom, the Inspired Vision Compassion Center (one of the largest food banks in the State of Texas), and being innovative by offering programs like MobileSonograms.com to provide essential healthcare services. They raise their entire budget every year and rely solely on the generosity of the citizens of Dallas.

Driven by the current economic and political climate, families and children increasingly rely on the mission of LifeSavers, which is never to turn anyone away. They are serving thousands more people each year—let that sink in.

Your support can help make that mission a reality. Whether through volunteering, donating, prayer, or spreading awareness by sharing this copy (physical) of globalheroes.com (digital), every contribution plays a vital role in shaping a brighter tomorrow for those in need.


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LifeSavers Foundation is a life-affirming nonprofit organization serving people in crisis by providing free medical services for women and children and assisting the community with goods and services from its resale store.


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