Look amazing at any age: Brooke Shields shares her beauty secrets

Brooke Shields during her press day to promote her QVC clothing line called `Brooke Shields Timeless.”  Photo from News Canada

You don’t need to be a celebrity to benefit from celebrity beauty tips. Here, actress Brooke Shields, 55, shares her best tips to embrace the natural aging process and help you live your best life, no matter your age.

Practice self-care

It can be hard to find time for yourself in a busy schedule, so practicing self-care is a must on Shields’ list of things to do.

“Give yourself the freedom and permission to celebrate the best part of you. It’s about finding what works for you, whether that’s a favourite face mask or a short meditation session.”

Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle

Shields eats as cleanly as possible to help her feel better both mentally and physically. Consult a professional before undertaking any major dietary changes to ensure they are right for you.

Moisturize with vitamin C

One of the biggest celebrity beauty secrets is moisturizing with vitamin C. “I’ve always believed in moisturizing and think it is the key to everything,” says Shields. “Moisturizing with vitamin C is the solution to keeping the perfect glow. I literally can’t leave my house without having it in my purse.”

Take care of your smile

Shields has learned to embrace getting older, and part of that is using products that help keep her healthy and address issues that can arise with age.

“Every day we take steps to help reduce and prevent the signs of aging, but many of us forget that our gums and smile also age with us,” she says. “Gums are the foundation to a healthy smile, so I want to be proactive now to help prevent any issues that could arise in the future. To protect my smile, I updated my daily oral care routine to include new Colgate Renewal Gum Revitalize toothpaste, which helps repair and reverse early gum issues.”

Don’t skip the sunscreen

Finally, wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine. Sunscreen is an important step in any beauty routine because it protects skin from damaging UV rays and helps to prevent premature aging. Take it from Brooke Shields – she never leaves the house without applying it, and she looks as amazing as ever.


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