How Lost Boyz Inc. is Empowering Chicago’s Youths for a Brighter Future


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Help Transform the Lives of Youth in Chicago

In Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, a dynamic force is reshaping the trajectories of young lives. Since 2009, Lost Boyz Inc. has been on a mission to break the cycle of violence and adversity that burdens under-resourced communities.

Founder LaVonte Stewart’s journey began with a passionate response to the challenges faced by local youth. Witnessing the impact of antisocial behaviors, Stewart, driven by the transformative potential of baseball, united the community in organized youth sports, giving rise to Lost Boyz and providing a positive avenue for growth.

As the organization evolved, so did its mission. In 2014, Lost Boyz recognized the persistent challenges facing young girls and expanded its services to include both genders. The goal is clear—to instill confidence, resilience, and crucial life skills through sports-based youth development.

Lost Boyz operates in an area grappling with high rates of violent crime and poverty, and over 30 percent of residents live below the poverty level. Currently serving children and young people from the ages of four to 24 in the South Shore neighborhood, Lost Boyz is making a significant impact by providing an alternative path for the youth.

In 2019, Lost Boyz took a significant step forward by establishing two additional baseball teams in the Hispanic, low-income neighborhoods of Pilsen and Humboldt Park. By expanding their reach, Lost Boyz aims to create a ripple effect of positive change, reaching communities that need it the most.

The impact is incredible, and the organization has countless stories of children and youth who have harnessed the transformative power of sports and achieved incredible things—stories like Mikayla’s.

Mikayla was on our girls' softball team for two years—and loved it. She was a member of her school’s band and spent her weekends attending the Latin school’s Hijump program. A straight-A student and top test scorer in her class, Mikayla was accepted to 13 top-tier Chicago high schools. Her Mom describes her as “a smart, hard-working girl and a big helper amongst her peers.” Now, Mikayla is a junior in college, and her future is just as bright.

Heartwarming stories like Mikayla’s are par for the course when it comes to Lost Boyz—88 percent of parents surveyed agreed that Lost Boyz helped prevent their child from becoming a victim of youth violence.

Lost Boyz currently offers two impactful programs throughout the year: MVP Youth Baseball & Softball, which provides year-round opportunities for play through the Fall Ball, Winter Clinic, and Spring Training/League for children aged four to 15, and Successful Youth Leaders, which cultivates community leaders by enhancing developmental assets and providing professional instruction, supervision and financial compensation for participants ages 15 to 21.

lost boyz inc
© Courtesy of Lost Boyz Inc.

At Lost Boyz, no one is left behind—the organization provides instruction, training, and the competition of organized baseball and softball to children and youths unfamiliar with the sports. The benefit of these programs is that the young participants are surrounded and supported by positive influences, resulting in character development, positive output, and good decision-making.

But beyond sharing the value of being part of a team, Lost Boyz also provides youths with the social, academic, and developmental support they need to thrive and succeed.

Sports are the program’s foundation, with additional services providing opportunities to improve academic performance and develop personal relationships, all while experiencing cultural enrichment and participating in rewarding social recreation.

Lost Boyz Inc. is not just a sports organization; it’s a force for transformation. Through its various programs, the organization works tirelessly to decrease violence, improve social and emotional conditions, and provide financial opportunities for Chicago’s most vulnerable youths.

Join us in transforming the lives of Chicago’s youths. Learn more and donate at

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Lost Boyz Inc. provides sports-based youth development to help boys and girls in Chicago’s under-resourced neighborhoods develop confidence, resilience, and life skills


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