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Around the world, accessible health care is needed now more than ever. Ongoing restrictions and lockdowns have been tough on our health care professionals, families, and local leaders. This means that the ways care is provided have changed—especially for organizations like Medical Ministry International, which brings health care services to developing nations and works to establish and support Health Care Centers, increasing access to quality care.

Medical Ministry International provides spiritual and compassionate health care to countries worldwide. Their work brings together traditional faith and cutting-edge technology to make health care more accessible everywhere.

Steven’s Story:

Steven, a four-year-old boy in Ecuador, was born with syndactyly: a common condition when the fingers fail to separate in the womb. With accessible, affordable health care, surgery can resolve it entirely—but what if you cannot access that care?
Medical Ministry International’s recent Project Team is an answer to many prayers. It was for Steven’s mother.

Initially, she had some misgivings. “I’m a single mom, and every centavos goes to food; nothing’s left for expensive doctors.” But her worry turned to joy when she learned her son’s surgical costs would be fully covered. “Thank you! God has sent angels to help my son!” she exclaimed.

When our Project Team told little Steven that there was a chance he would be able to receive surgery to fix his hand, the toddler’s brown eyes lit up, knowing his life was about to be changed for the better.

Steven’s surgery was a huge success, to the joy of both him and his mother. Stories like Steven’s show the incredible value of compassionate support and spiritual care—both of which are made stronger through donor support.

The work of Medical Ministry International is only possible thanks to the generosity of donors worldwide and the incredible commitment of team leaders.

This year, you can help provide health care to even more people worldwide.

Donations to MMI make it possible to provide vulnerable people in remote regions of the world dental care that reduces pain and revives smiles, vision care that restores the priceless gift of sight, and life-changing surgeries that give people the ability to live the lives they deserve.

With your help, MMI gives isolated communities a chance to fight against extreme poverty, creating lasting change through compassionate, holistic care.

Apply now to volunteer or donate online to support local health care programs.

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Medical Ministry International is an opportunity to serve Jesus Christ by providing spiritual and compassionate health care in this world of need. 


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