Cabinetry Doing Good: Craftsmanship and Compassion in Merit Kitchens


Photo © Courtesy of Merit Kitchens Flagship Showroom in Langley, British Columbia

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, a space where meals are prepared and memories are made.

Merit Kitchens, a Canadian-owned company specializing in fine cabinetry, understands the importance of creating a kitchen that reflects your unique style while giving back to those in need. With a commitment to craftsmanship and community, Merit Kitchens produces and supplies high-quality cabinets at exceptional value.

Since 1971, Merit Kitchens has been synonymous with excellence in custom kitchen cabinetry. With styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, Merit Kitchens uses the finest raw materials and premium European hardware to ensure that every cabinet is visually stunning and built to last. With a large network of Authorized Cabinet Dealers, Merit Kitchens is able to distribute high-end cabinetry to homeowners throughout North America and parts of Asia.

But for Merit Kitchens, transformation only begins in the kitchen—it doesn’t end there. Driven by community, the company believes in the power of giving back. With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, Merit Kitchens actively engages in initiatives to positively impact society.

Merit Kitchens doesn’t let mistaken orders go to waste; instead, they turn them into meaningful contributions by donating the cabinets to Habitat for Humanity. In addition to supporting Habitat, Merit Kitchens is deeply committed to addressing food insecurity through food banks across North America, wherever their cabinetry is sold. Recognizing the natural synergies between kitchen cabinetry and food storage, Merit Kitchens has created the Pantry Full of Food Initiative.

merit kitchens
© Courtesy of Merit Kitchens Flagship Showroom in Langley, British Columbia

Through fundraising campaigns and events across the country, Merit Kitchens raises awareness and funds for food banks, helping to ensure that no one goes hungry in the communities they serve.

But their work doesn’t end there: Merit Kitchens recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability. In alignment with their commitment to responsible sourcing, Merit Kitchens has partnered with One Tree Planted to offset their ecological footprint. They donate funds equivalent to the amount of wood used in their production processes, contributing to tree-planting initiatives. By investing in reforestation efforts, Merit Kitchens is not only preserving natural resources but also contributing to a greener, healthier planet for future generations.

Merit Kitchens approaches corporate social responsibility holistically, integrating philanthropy and community engagement into their business operations. Supporting local communities is a key pillar of Merit Kitchen’s mission, which they achieve by contributing to fundraising efforts for non-profits such as the Surrey Hospital Foundation, which services most of their factory members and their families who reside in the area. While it is the second-largest hospital in British Columbia, Surrey Memorial Hospital is not up to the standards of modern care and equipped facilities. 

With Merit Kitchens, you can transform the heart of your home—your kitchen—while also making a difference in the heart of your community. That’s customizable craftsmanship strengthened by compassion.

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Merit Kitchens designs and manufactures beautiful cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom and throughout the home. Made to order customizable cabinets built in Canada, tailored to you, and built to last generations since 1971.


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