Embarking on the Journey to Recovery


© Courtesy of Pacifica Treatment Centre

“It took me a while to realize he needed help…in hindsight, I was probably in denial. The fact that my husband was addicted to opioids was a hard reality to face,” said Cheryl, whose husband Jim struggled for a decade with a severe Opioid Use Disorder.

It was not until she found Jim unconscious on their living room floor that they explored treatment. Like one in ten British Columbians, Jim suffered from substance dependency. But, unlike the five British Columbians that die from overdose daily, Jim was resuscitated.

A Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a clinically significant impairment caused by repeated use of drugs or alcohol, including health problems, physical disability, and failure to meet responsibilities at work, school, or home. Substance use issues can affect anyone irrespective of age, sex, socio-economic status, or ethnicity. With 20 per cent of the Canadian population experiencing a substance dependency, the likelihood of you knowing someone who is struggling is high. It could be your co-worker, your neighbour, your parents, your child, or in Cheryl’s case, her husband.

Fortunately, there is treatment available for individuals suffering from substance dependency. Cheryl reached out to Pacifica Treatment Centre (Pacifica), a registered non-profit that provides in-residence treatment and community supports to individuals dealing with problematic substance use in conjunction with mental health and trauma. “We didn’t know what to do, Jim wanted help, but we didn’t know how to get it…Pacifica made the journey simple,” Cheryl said.

pacifica treatment centre
© Courtesy of Pacifica Treatment Centre

Jim enrolled in the 84-day in-residence program at Pacifica. Over his 12 weeks on site, he participated in various forms of therapy (including group, individual, art, and psychotherapy), learned about nutrition and its impact on substance dependency, and participated in integrative wellness programs such as yoga and acupuncture. “I liked the holistic approach at Pacifica, it made me think about my recovery as more than physical, I was working on my mind, body, and spirit,” said Jim of his experience. “The hardest part of recovery is feeling confident that you can do without drugs when you are on your own…but Pacifica didn’t leave me alone. I am two years sober, and Pacifica’s alumni programming has been instrumental in that.”

The comprehensive in-residence programming, private accommodation, nutritious meals, and up to two years of post-graduation supports, have resulted in a high rate of recovery and continued engagement with Pacifica.
In Canada, it is estimated that 21.6 per cent of the population will meet the criteria for substance dependency in their lifetime. For individuals to overcome substance use, treatment centres are essential. Treatment centres provide supportive environments where individuals can focus on their recovery journey. Through treatment, individuals can reclaim their lives.

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment for substance dependency, please reach out to info@pacifica.ca or (604) 872-5517. Pacifica has 45 years of experience and can support in creating a customized journey for you or your loved one.

You can make a life-changing financial contribution. Donate and help save lives at pacificatreatment.ca

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