Prince of Whales: Setting Sail for Adventure and Conservation


Prince of Whales tour © Courtesy of Prince of Whales

Embarking on their 30th year of adventures, Prince of Whales Marine Wildlife Adventures is holding true to their promise of providing British Columbia’s best whale-watching experiences.

What started as a humble mail delivery service in the Salish Sea has evolved into a renowned organization, one of the largest whale-watching companies in the world. With three central locations in Victoria, Vancouver, and Telegraph Cove, Prince of Whales has become known for its one-of-a-kind wildlife adventures that combine the beauty of nature with on-the-boat education.

As they celebrate their three decades of memories, this exceptional company has become a mainstay of sustainable tourism, focusing on educational experiences and environmental stewardship. With a fleet of state-of-the-art vessels, an unwavering commitment to conservation, and partnerships that promote marine education, Prince of Whales is redefining the whale-watching industry.

Sailing the Extra Mile

With a fleet of 15 remarkable boats, Prince of Whales offers unparalleled access to British Columbia’s biodiverse marine environments. Their fleet includes 10 Zodiacs (RIB boats), two Ocean Magic Cruisers, and three luxurious Salish Sea Class Catamarans—designed specifically for whale watching.

Step aboard one of Prince of Whales’ Salish Sea Class Catamarans and you’ll be transported into a world of comfort and adventure. These custom-built vessels have been tailored to ensure an unforgettable whale-watching experience. With a heated cabin, comfortable seating, a snack bar, and two washrooms, guests can enjoy witnessing majestic marine life without compromising comfort.

Championing Conservation

When surrounded by the beauty of the waters, it’s only natural for conservation to be top of mind. Prince of Whales recognizes the vital importance of protecting the marine environment they rely on. Embracing their role as environmental ambassadors, the company actively supports the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. By enhancing their business practices, they strive to minimize their ecological footprint and positively impact the world.

In their pursuit of sustainability, Prince of Whales has achieved carbon neutrality and then some. They offset over 110 percent of their carbon emissions, going above and beyond to support projects like the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. Additionally, their commitment to conservation is exemplified through their partnership with 1% For the Planet. By donating a minimum of one percent of their revenue to organizations such as Ocean Wise and the Pacific Salmon Foundation, Prince of Whales supports critical initiatives that promote sustainability and preserve our oceans.

Seaside Education

Believers in the power of education to inspire change, Prince of Whales works to create partnerships with organizations that further their mission to educate the next generation of wildlife lovers. Sea Smart, a longtime partner of Prince of Whales, enables educators in British Columbia to impart vital lessons on marine conservation to their students. By distributing free resources, Prince of Whales encourages teachers to incorporate the importance of protecting marine life into their curricula, imparting a love of the seas for all students.

Prince of Whales’ commitment to exceptional marine experiences extends beyond whale watching. They have expanded their operations with two sister companies: Sea Vancouver and North Island Kayaking. Sea Vancouver offers thrilling sightseeing tours in Vancouver on their Zodiac boats, while North Island Kayaking provides guided, all-inclusive kayaking adventures in the breathtaking Telegraph Cove.

Through their dedication to sustainability, investment in cutting-edge vessels, and partnerships that promote education and conservation, Prince of Whales has set a new standard for adventure tourism.

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From our downtown departure locations, we offer industry-leading whale-watching tours in Vancouver, Victoria, and Telegraph Cove. Prince of Whales is focused on sharing the beautiful and breathtaking coastal waters of British Columbia, its vibrant wildlife,
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