Prospan by Helixia: The Clinically Proven Choice for Cough Relief


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Prospan by Helixia: The only cough syrup containing EA 575

When you hear or feel a cough coming on, you likely reach for a bottle of cough syrup. This cough and cold season, make the switch to natural cough syrup. Specifically, reach for Prospan by Helixia, the natural syrup that provides effective, safe, and clinically proven cough relief. No medicine cabinet is fully stocked without it.

Prospan by Helixia have been used and trusted in Europe for over 70 years and arrived on shelves in Canada 10 years ago. While newer products flood the market, Prospan by Helixia remains unrivalled, being the only ivy leaf cough syrups formulated with the powerful, clinically proven EA 575 ivy leaf extract. Not all ivy leaf extracts are the same or provide the same benefits. The unique ingredient used in Prospan by Helixia has undergone 18 rigorous, published clinical trials involving more than 65,000 participants. The results? A resounding confirmation of both safety and efficacy.

A Formula for Every Generation

Most respiratory illnesses happen in fall and winter, as we spend more time indoors and have more opportunities to be exposed to germs. That’s why having a medicine cabinet staple you can trust is so important.

With a decades-long legacy of trust and effectiveness, Prospan by Helixia has long shown a commitment to wellness. This product is not a homeopathic treatment—it is specifically formulated to address the needs of adults or for kids between the ages of one and 11.

When you have a cold or a cough, the virus triggers inflammation and increases your body’s mucus production. The mucus in your airways irritates the throat as you breathe, triggering your natural reflex to cough. EA 575 ivy leaf extract, the key ingredient in Prospan by Helixia, works as an expectorant to loosen mucus and phlegm in the lungs and make it easier to cough out.

For little ones, Prospan by Helixia Kids is an easy choice: it has a pleasant taste and provides effective relief so they can get back on track. For adults, it works just as well, relieving cough symptoms without causing drowsiness. Free from alcohol, dyes, sucrose, and decongestants, these syrups are a safe choice for kids and adults with diabetes or high blood pressure.

Prospan by Helixia are also the only ivy leaf extract-based products that are indicated for people with chronic bronchitis. The syrups provide immense support and relief to those with chronic bronchitis, improving respiratory function and relieving coughs and common symptoms associated with the illness.

Even better, the product is readily available in the cough and cold aisle of your local pharmacy. Prospan by Helixia has been the #1 pharmacist-recommended natural cough syrup every year since 2017, speaking volumes about their efficacy and safety.

Make the informed choice for yourself and your family, knowing that you are choosing a legacy of trust and a commitment to wellness. When you hear or feel a cough coming on, reach for Prospan by Helixia for effective, safe, and clinically proven cough relief.

This product may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label. HELIXIA® is a registered trademark owned by Norwell Consumer Healthcare Inc. Prospan® is a registered trademark of and is manufactured by Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

*Profession Santé and Pharmacy Practice + Business 2023 Survey on OTC Counselling and Recommendations in the Natural Cold Remedy category.

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Prospan by Helixia® products feature the key ingredient EA575®, extracted from the Hedera Helix – also known as ivy leaf. Find out how it helps to relieve cough symptoms naturally.


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