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In today’s fast-paced, technologically driven world, the importance of our youth practicing STEM education has never been greater. STEM is a unique, hands-on approach to education, combining science, technology, engineering, and math into an integrated, real-world learning experience. Enter science fairs, a platform for kids with a passion for STEM to go through the scientific process, use their creativity and imagination and receive feedback from their idols.

In British Columbia and the Yukon, 13 regional fairs are part of the over 100 fairs held across Canada for youth every year. These 13 regions are all put together by the Science Fair Foundation of B.C., the province’s largest volunteer science outreach network, supporting STEM education by inspiring curiosity through the Science Fair program. With over 1,500 science and technology educators and professionals volunteering as mentors, judges and science fair hosts, The Science Fair Foundation of B.C.’s Science Fair Program is recognized as one of the most successful in Canada.

The foundation has just finished its innovation competition, the Youth Innovation Showcase. The competition encourages youth to explore creative ways to solve everyday challenges and to see how their theoretical solutions can become real-world change. These young innovators come face-to-face with industry and academic leaders to pitch their great new ideas and inventions, get feedback from experts in the field, and find out where a STEM career can take them.

“This is what I love—I don’t just do science because it’s a mandatory subject at school. I do science outside of school because I love it, I don’t see how you wouldn’t,” said Keanu Chan, one of the winners from the 2021 Youth Innovation Showcase.

Programs like these are essential for students wanting to pursue a career in STEM, but they do come at a cost. That is why the foundation hosts an annual fundraiser called Sweatin’ for Science, a fitness fundraiser held throughout B.C. and the Yukon. Participants commit to a month of fun, fitness challenges and peer-to-peer fundraising to benefit youth programming and resources in the areas of science, technology and innovation.

sweatin' for science
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“The goal of Sweatin’ for Science is to break barriers in access to STEM education. We are constantly working to be able to reach more young people with our programs and resources so they have the best opportunity to reach their fullest potential,” said Madeleine Guenette, Executive Director of The Science Fair Foundation BC.

Not all youth have access to the same resources in their homes, schools, or communities to be able to pursue science, technology or innovation interests, and the goal of Sweatin’ for Science is to give the next Roberta Bondars, David Suzukis, Irene Uchidas, and Alexander Graham Bells the opportunity to realize their potential.

Funds raised support education programs and opportunities in 13 regions across B.C. and the Yukon to nurture, inspire and elevate youth. This includes financial aid opportunities for youth to develop their ideas and/or attend events outside of their home communities.

To help support these programs, sign up for Sweatin’ for Science:

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The Science Fair Foundation of BC (SFFBC) is the largest volunteer science outreach network in the province supporting science and technology education by inspiring curiosity through the Science Fair program.


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