Team Canada’s Success at the 2023 World Transplant Games


Team Canada at the 2023 World Transplant Games in Perth, Australia © Courtesy of Canadian Transplant Association

Team Canada returned from the World Transplant Games in Perth, Australia with a group of decorated athletes—dawning 59 medals—including 21 Gold, 18 Silver, 20 Bronze. This year’s games was the first event since the pandemic, and the Canadian athletes finished 12th overall of 45 attending countries with more than 1500 competing athletes! Among them, Canada was a small but mighty team of 21 athletes, consisting of organ transplant recipients, living donor athletes and donor family member athletes.

Team Canada was competing in a variety of sport, ranging from pétanque, lawn-bowling, track events, and swimming. Swimming is where Canada excels on the world stage, which was evident by the number of World Records they broke; some their own.

Canada also received three major awards: Male Athlete of the Year, Female Donor Athlete of the Year, and Female Donor Family Athlete of the Year. Team Canada was excited to be back representing the country, their sports, but most importantly representing their donors and demonstrating what the gift of life and a second chance can do, thanks to the power of organ donation. 

world transplant games
© Courtesy of Canadian Transplant Association
© Courtesy of Canadian Transplant Association

The Canadian Transplant Association (CTA) is the non-profit organization that works with the World Games Federation guidelines and our community members to host our national games and help train athletes for the world events that happen every second summer. The summer games will return to Canada in Ottawa in August 2024, the first time in that city and the first games the CTA will host since they were shutdown in 2020 due to the pandemic.

We can think of no better city to host our 10th Games and our return to sport than our capital city. We are excited to invite all our transplant athletes, donors and donor families athletes back to celebrate the gift of life through sport and competition.

The Games are open to everyone with a healthy graft of more than one year, aged four to 80. More details will be posted about the games soon.  

About the Canadian Transplant Association

The CTA is a 100 per cent volunteer-led registered charitable organization with a vision to improve the health outcomes of transplant recipients by promoting the message of post-transplant healthy living.

In 1987, the CTA was launched by a group of individuals passionate about showcasing the benefits of organ donation. Almost 35 years later, we have volunteers across the country raising awareness and creating a community for transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, and their families. We also engage with healthcare providers and other advocacy groups on matters relating to the health and overall wellness of transplant patients. The CTA is the only post-transplant community-focused group with representation across the country.

It is important to the CTA that membership be inclusive and accessible, so in 2021 we shifted to a no-cost membership model. Regardless of age, income, or involvement in the transplant community, individuals can register for a free annual CTA membership.

Our members participate in various events and activities supporting organ donation awareness, including the Canadian and World Transplant Games, National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week, Green Shirt Day and local events like Transplant Trots. Our members represent recipients across organ types and range in age, from four to well over 80 years old! The CTA also provides its members with exclusive opportunities to participate in special transplant-related seminars, celebrations and more. Members can also access research, transplant information, and other healthy lifestyle tips.

Team Canada Swim Team © Courtesy of Canadian Transplant Association

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The Canadian Transplant Association (CTA), is a 100% volunteer led registered charitable organization founded in 1987. Our community shares a unique bond and includes transplant recipients, candidates on transplant wait lists, donor families, living donors, families, friends, and health care professionals.


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