The Power of HOPE


Dr. Rosalind © Photo by Stan Johnson 2021
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Having experienced the power of hope during a twelve-year addiction to drugs and alcohol and having seen the impact that hope can have on people’s lives, Dr. Rosalind Tompkins and her organization, Mothers in Crisis, Inc. launched a national public awareness campaign in 2018, beginning with the designation of April as the National Month of Hope through the National Day Calendar.

In honor of April National Month of Hope 2022, Mothers In Crisis is implementing the Hope, Pass It On Campaign by providing practical tools and training to help people become more hopeful and share hope with others. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. As we continue to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, many have lost loved ones and need practical ways to stay hopeful. Mothers In Crisis provides practical self-help tools through the practice of hopeology for people to become more hopeful and spread hope with others.

Hope is needed now more than ever as we navigate the current crisis our nation is facing today because of the Coronavirus pandemic. “Whether you’ve lost a job or a loved one, or you’re experiencing general feelings of despair in these turbulent times, hope can give you strength, and as long as there is breath in your body, there is still hope,” says Dr. Rosalind Tompkins. This April and beyond, we encourage everyone to embrace hope because studies show that hopeful people excel in life, live longer, and live well.

In 2021 Mothers In Crisis launched a successful Balls for Hope Campaign, spreading hope to front-line workers and others by providing stress balls of hope to individuals and organizations. Some of the groups that received the balls of hope include school teachers, students, administrators, nurses, healthcare workers, residents of nursing homes, hospitals, law enforcement, and many others in need of hope. In addition to the stress balls, Mothers In Crisis also provided hundreds of care packages to those in need.

Another way that Mothers In Crisis spreads hope is through the HOPEE (Helping Others Practice Enduring Empowerment) Awards given during April National Month of Hope to those who exemplify excellence by empowering and spreading hope to others through their various occupations and initiatives.
Challenging people to ‘think hope’ and ‘make hope connections,’ Mothers In Crisis Hope Campaign has turned into a powerful movement and is now international, with individuals in Pakistan and other countries adopting the tenets of the ‘Hope Campaign’ and celebrating April as their National Month of Hope.

Five Tenets of Hope Campaign

  • HOPE stands for Helping Others Practice Empowerment
  • Hope for Self
  • Hope for the Family
  • Hope for/within the Community
  • Hope for the Nation and World

The idea is to apply these tenets throughout the entire year in one’s daily life but to pay special homage to hope during April. People are encouraged to demonstrate hope in action.

Hopeologist—trademarked with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Department, Class 35—it is defined as: promoting public awareness of hope by means of public advocacy. Hopeologist® services advocate for hope by promoting the Whole Hope Campaign, including April as the National Month of Hope.

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Mothers In Crisis has been empowering and helping clients for over three decades with professionally trained and experienced Social Workers, and volunteers that have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and move forward in hope.  


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