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Coming out of hibernation and a lengthy lockdown, we could all use a little boost! Spring is the season of new beginnings, so why not step outside of your comfort zone and try a yoga routine that benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing? Often when we think about yoga, we only consider the physical practice—the deliberate movement of our bodies as we switch from pose to pose; but as a discipline, yoga is so much more than that.

Kinndli and Pauline of Power Yoga Canada are a dynamic duo who opened their first studio in Oakville, Ontario, in 2009, adopting the very popular yoga method Power Vinyasa Yoga. This modern style of yoga incorporates Asana (physical), Dhyana (meditation), and Niyama (inquiry). Don’t let the ancient Sanskrit intimidate you, they want you to know that yoga is for “everyBODY,” where anyone of any skill level is welcome. This style of yoga is intended to be adaptable for all ages and fitness levels; movement is slow, and your body is listened to. It follows the natural laws of the body, so students get all the benefits of the more traditional methods, while still leaving room for creativity and play.

Kinndli and Pauline share that, at a PYC centre, “yoga is not the focus,” but rather “the medium,” in which one is able to achieve prosperity, so long as they have the willingness to try. On the mat, barriers will be broken, and breakthroughs will be made. As a result, stress will dissolve, and anxiety will be reduced, creating new possibilities for each practitioner so they can discover the magic and potential of their life.

“Self-care isn’t necessarily pretty and won’t always feel like a spa day,” the duo shares, “it’s about getting real and looking at your in-authenticities and asking yourself, ‘what is not serving me?’ Only from answering this enlightening question is the truth uncovered.”

When the pandemic struck, Kinndli and Pauline knew they had to pivot in order to deliver the services to their community. Without skipping a beat, an extensive schedule was released on Instagram, followed by a ‘30 day to level-up’ program to maintain routine. Since, programs have been continually added to welcome as many people as possible to the community, including front-line working finding moments of refuge.

“At the start of the pandemic, I was exposed to COVID-19 on the job and became symptomatic. Self-isolating made me feel anxious and vulnerable. On the darkest days, yoga sharpened my focus and helped me find purpose. As I continued to practice, the sense of accomplishment in the daily improvements quickly became an important tool in my self-care kit.”

—Vanessa Koprich, Hamilton Paramedic Service

PYC is a community existing nation-wide, where everyone is welcome and assisted on their journey to achieve the best version of themselves. There is an overwhelming sense of belonging in the community Power Yoga Canada has created.

There is no need to wait! Begin your yoga journey today.

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Yoga is our medium and transformation is our message.


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