Defying the Odds: Wheelchair User Becomes First to Enter the Pyramids of Giza

Barbara © Courtesy of Travel for All

The steps from the outside leading into the Pyramids of Giza are daunting. The entryway is steep, dark, and narrow—a feat that would seem scary to any traveller. Despite this, Barbara* descended the steps in her wheelchair, becoming the first wheelchair user to enter one of the pyramids from the outside.

Barbara, who entered the pyramids in a specially designed wheelchair gifted to her by Travel For All, is a travel enthusiast striving to defy the odds stacked against disabled travellers. Working alongside Travel For All, a global agency with its head office in British Columbia that works to assist travellers with disabilities, specific requirements, and accommodations, she has been able to travel the world with ease.

As a wheelchair user, Barbara faced adversity and complications while travelling. A passionate traveller with a goal to see the world, Barbara refused to let her wheelchair stand in the way of following that dream.

She contacted Travel For All to aid her in her travels. With their help, she’s visited not only the Pyramids of Giza, but Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, and so much more.

Travel For All was founded by Tarita Davenock after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 29. She continued to work as a social worker for five years after her diagnosis until her daily career became difficult to manage and was suggested by her neurologist to look at a new career path.

As a passionate traveller herself who soon became a wheelchair user, Davenock founded Travel For All to support other travellers with disabilities.

Travel For All understands the challenges faced by people with disabilities when travelling. Leaving the safety of what is familiar can be extremely stressful—and the anxiety that this causes for some is a significant obstacle.

Having assisted thousands of travellers with specific requirements to see the world, the experts at Travel For All are able to make recommendations that fit every individual’s travel style and personal needs.

travel for all
Photo © Courtesy of Travel for All

Similarly, Travel For All works with suppliers around the world who can provide much-needed resources to travellers, including those like Barbara, who was provided with a specially made wheelchair from one of their providers.

In addition to Barbara’s story, Travel For All has supported thousands of travellers over their 14 years of service. They have a variety of tours available, including cruise lines, land and tour operators, and specifically curated itineraries in a variety of locations.

Barbara booked her Egypt tour through Travel For All and was able to explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World in a personalized itinerary without having to worry about travelling in a wheelchair or what accommodations may be available to her.

Travelling should be something that’s easily accessible to be enjoyed by all—and that’s a mission that Travel For All is seeking to accomplish, which is proving to be fruitful with success stories like Barbara’s.

*Name changed for privacy reasons

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