Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc. is Driving Indigenous-Led Development


Photo © Courtesy of Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc.

As a member and resident of the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN), Steven Stark, founder of Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc. (TSI), has always held a vested interest in the development and long-term sustainability of its land and business opportunities. In fact, the very idea for Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc. came from the development of the TFN.

As a prominent employer within the Tsawwassen First Nation community, Stark has long understood that many individuals, particularly within Indigenous communities, face marginalization. He actively seeks opportunities to support his community through charity, government initiatives, employment, training, and business opportunities, weaving his Indigenous identity and heritage into his business experience, proving that there is a place for both.

In 2011, he launched Stark Transport, a small business providing charter services in environmental and fisheries research. In 2015, Stark Transport was rebranded as Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc., with an enhanced service structure to accommodate larger contracts for various land and marine needs.

In 2018, TSI was approached by Tsawwassen First Nation to provide street sweeping and water truck services for the upcoming summer months for the TFN industrial land developments. He saw this as an opportunity to diversify TSI’s land-based services. Stark purchased his first water truck in June 2018 and purchased a used street sweeper for $70,000 in March 2018. After that, there was no looking back. With each passing year, TSI’s fleet has grown, adding three to four new equipment additions annually.

© Courtesy of Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc.
Photo © Courtesy of Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc.

Areas of Focus

Currently, TSI has five divisions: Street Sweeping Services, Water Truck Services, Shuttle Services, Marine Services and Tow Truck Services for Bridges.

Street Sweeping Services

From commercial properties to construction sites, TSI ensures pristine cleanliness and maintenance, paving the way for progress.

Water Truck Services

TSI’s water trucks play a vital role in construction, dust control, and fire suppression while meeting
diverse water delivery needs, from farms to special events.

Shuttle Services

TSI’s shuttle buses cater to everyone, from school children to corporate commuters, providing safe and reliable transportation for various occasions.

Marine Services

TSI’s marine division supports environmental research, habitat assessment, and marine environment cleanup, demonstrating a commitment to preserving coastal ecosystems.

Tow Truck Services

With 24-hour coverage on key bridges and plans for expansion, TSI ensures the safety and efficiency of transportation infrastructure in Metro Vancouver.

Strategic Partnerships

Beyond its core operations, TSI has forged strategic alliances that amplify its impact. Through these partnerships and joint ventures, TSI is paving the way for meaningful collaboration and community empowerment.

Two Worlds Transportation

A joint venture with Traxx Holding Inc., Two Worlds Transportation delivers best-in-class shuttle and motorcoach services across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, providing trusted service.

Tsawwassen Constructors

Through the Tsawwassen Constructors Joint Venture (TCJV), TSI collaborates with Delta Aggregates Ltd., supporting construction projects while empowering Indigenous communities. This partnership is unique because both partners execute the work, each bringing value to the project.

Glen-TSI Projects JV

In partnership with Glen Traffic Solutions (GTS), TSI forms the Glen-TSI Projects Joint Venture, a majority-owned Indigenous-led partnership specializing in traffic management solutions while ensuring road safety and efficiency.

TSI+Matcon JV

The TSI+Matcon Civil Joint Venture combines shuttle services with construction expertise, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for diverse project requirements. This partnership provides shuttle and standard buses, water trucks and street sweeping services. It supports various aquatic transportation and research activities, site preparation, land remediation, heavy road construction and underground utility installations.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to community, Stark leads with light, illuminating a prosperous future for his community and beyond.

Learn more at tsawwassenshuttles.com

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Started by Tsawwassen First Nation member Steven Stark (CEO), Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc. (TSI) has been successfully operating in Delta since 2011.


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