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Amid the on-going COVID-19 crisis, low-income families are at risk of being the hardest hit. FINCA Canada, a global non-profit, aims to alleviate poverty in the developing world. FINCA especially aims to help women, as they are rarely given the same opportunities as men, despite their work ethic and drive. FINCA allows them to build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living. 

Healthy is Hot Founder and wellness expert Chloe Wilde has been working with FINCA Canada since 2018, when they named her as their national ambassador. 

Alongside her work as a reporter and TV segment host for CTV’s ETALK – the most-watched entertainment event broadcast in Canada – Chloe works with FINCA Canada to raise awareness for the organization’s mission, helping to mobilize resources to support FINCA’s efforts to empower women and decrease poverty. 

An empowered woman herself, Wilde is passionate about using her platform to improve the world around her. Through her website, Healthy is Hot, she inspires readers to be their best selves through stories about fitness, nutrition, wellness, and travel.

Loved for her genuine enthusiasm and positivity, Chloe is able to connect with people almost instantly and has a knack for keeping viewers engaged. She has interviewed some of the biggest names in pop culture, including Joan Rivers, Daniel Radcliffe, and so many more. 

We virtually sat down with Chloe to ask her about her brand, how she’s been keeping busy during lockdowns, and why FINCA is so important to her.

What or who inspires you to give back?

 It is not lost on me that by virtue of where I was born (Canada), I was afforded a quality of life that provided opportunity, education and health care. Not everyone is so lucky and that saddens me, frustrates me and motivates me to give back. Everyone deserves the chance to live a life where they feel seen, heard, appreciated and supported.


Growing up, I don’t think I fully appreciated everything my mom did for us as a single mom. But the older I get, the more I realize the sacrifices she made to ensure we were cared for, nurtured and provided with opportunity so we could excel in life. The love I have for her is deeply rooted in respect and appreciation. When I heard about FINCA, there was a nudge in my heart that couldn’t be ignored and I immediately wanted to learn more about the work that they did with women at the forefront of it all. When the FINCA team shared with me the important nugget that when women entrepreneurs thrive they are more likely to use their savings to improve the quality of life for their families, that was the moment I was hooked and knew that FINCA was not only an important organization to align with on a human level but one that celebrates my own mother and all she did for us. 

In June 2018, you visited FINCA clients in Haiti. Was there a moment or person on your trip that inspired you and reaffirmed your decision to become FINCA’s international ambassador.

Visiting Haiti and experiencing the impacts first-hand of the work that FINCA does was life-changing. The women we met were filled with immense pride for their businesses and exuded even more pride when sharing how these opportunities positively impacted the livelihood of their families. It is heartbreaking to learn that women in developing countries are disproportionately affected by poverty and are less likely to have access to financial services – this is where FINCA flips the script and rather than giving these women a handout, they provide them with a hand up to make changes in their lives and strive for more. These women deserve a chance to step into their light and when they do, the positive ripple effects are nothing short of amazing; their children eat more nourishing foods, potentially have the opportunity to go further with their education and live in safer environments.

The gains that have been made in gender equality and women’s rights over the last several decades are in grave danger of being rolled back due to COVID-19. Can you elaborate on FINCA’s work to ensure women’s financial inclusion and why it is so important to some of the world’s poorest families and communities?

Globally, poverty disproportionately affects women who account for the majority of the 1.4 billion people who do not have access to financial services. This is because women generally earn less as it is harder for them to get an education or secure credit to start or grow a business.  Yet when given the opportunity, FINCA supported women entrepreneurs thrive and are more likely to use their savings to improve the livelihood of their family including better nutrition, healthcare and education for their children. When a mother succeeds, the whole family benefits. With economies shutting down and businesses closed, it is anticipated that tens or hundreds of millions of women will slide into poverty. To stop this from happening, FINCA is helping its women entrepreneurs to adapt their business or restart their business when things reopen. 

COVID19 has brought with it financial challenges for so many right here in our communities—why is it important for us to consider people on the other side of the world?

The challenges we feel are not isolated, there are challenges popping up around the world especially in developing countries where employment and financial stability were already difficult to obtain. We are a global community and it is imperative that we not only consider the impact of COVID-19 on a local level but on a global one as well. For those of us fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and a government advocating for our well-being, let us open our minds, hearts and wallets (if you can) to support those who might not be as fortunate. 

What has brought you comfort or hope during this pandemic?

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how this pandemic is a moment in history, where, as a collective global community, we are all focusing our energy, attention and resources on one common goal: to flatten the curve. Never before have I witnessed this level of commitment across borders and that brings comfort. We are seeing incredible acts of altruistic behaviour, generosity and community-level action to care for those most vulnerable. I can only hope that this continues long after COVID-19 is behind us. 

Your site,, is a community for everyone wanting to be their best selves. Can you share why you feel self-care is more important than ever?

This buzz word of self-care comes in many forms and too often we see articles depicting face masks and bubble baths as the ultimate form of self-care but ultimately self-care is making the deliberate choice to care for one’s self which is more important than ever. Caring for one’s self may seem selfish, to carve out time for you in the midst of so much uncertainty but I encourage everyone to reframe that view and see it as self-less rather than selfish. When we choose self-care, we choose our well-being and that creates the opportunity to show up in our lives in a more grounded way so that we can be there for others and face what’s to come for the rest of the day. 

COVID-19 is a huge stressor right now – what’s one tip above all others that you would give to those who are not feeling their best? 

 These are very difficult times we are living in, filled with uncertainty and anxiety and I urge everyone to be kind to themselves throughout all of this. A lot feels very much out of our control and as a result, there will be good days and there will unfortunately be bad days, but there are simple things we can do to prioritize our mental health; no technology 1hour before bed-time, adequate water, writing daily in a gratitude journal (I recommend first thing in the morning to set the tone for your day), having a support system in place, nourishing movement for your body and finding activities that bring you joy. 

In addition to helping people find financial stability and opportunities, FINCA Canada supports programs that aim to solve issues like clean energy, sanitation, healthcare, and nutrition. For more information, or to get involved, visit!

You can find Chloe on social media @TheChloeWilde and @HealthyisHot, or at her website!

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