Adorable wombat joey settles into cosy new life with zookeeper mum

Photo © Australian Reptile Park/Cover Images

A cuddly wombat has been rescued in Australia.

An adorable wombat joey is settling into his cosy new abode, just in time for the holiday season.

Meet Wilbur, the eight-month-old wombat joey, who is currently under the devoted care of Seleena de Gelder, a dedicated keeper at the Australian Reptile Park.

Seleena has warmly welcomed Wilbur into her home, but she’s had her hands full with this spirited little marsupial. Caring for a wombat joey around the clock is no small feat, especially when they’re as spirited as Wilbur.

His playful and mischievous antics have turned Seleena’s home into a lively playground. Wilbur’s daily escapades involve chasing Seleena, exploring cupboards, and, on occasion, indulging in a bout of shoelace chewing when she momentarily diverts her attention.

“While he may be undeniably adorable, he’s also remarkably inquisitive,” she says. “He’s my shadow, following me from the moment I wake up, and he’s been the cause of a few tumbles, especially when he gets those late-night bursts of energy. It’s like having a toddler at home.”

Photo © Australian Reptile Park/Cover Images

Reflecting on Wilbur’s behaviour, Seleena points out that in the wild, young wombats would closely trail their mothers for protection. Having been in Seleena’s care since late September, Wilbur now sees her as his mother and exhibits these instincts.

Sadly, Wilbur didn’t have a smooth start in life. In late September, he was brought to the Australian Reptile Park by a concerned passerby who had discovered a wombat hit by a car. To their surprise, they found the baby wombat inside the pouch, prompting them to rush Wilbur to the Park for proper care. He will continue to reside at the Australian Reptile Park until he is self-sufficient. Once it’s determined that he is healthy and strong enough, he will undergo transition training to prepare for release into the wild.

—Cover Media via Reuters Connect

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