A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

A Mother’s Love: Doli feeds her child a glass of clean water © Courtesy of Water.org

By Morée Lambeth

The moms I know, including myself and the moms we serve at Water.org, want the best for our children. In fact, throughout the last 11 years of my career at Water.org, I’ve met arguably some of the most selfless moms in the world. 

Morée Lambeth's family © Courtesy of Water.org

From the dirt roads of Kenya to the mountains of Peru to the streets of Bangladesh, I’ve walked alongside these passionate, determined women—many of whom, to this day, give their everything for their families need to survive. With heavy vessels upon their backs, these moms wake before sunrise to travel across rough terrain in pursuit of giving their kids one of life’s most critical essentials—water.

While the valiant efforts of these moms may result in their families having water for the day, the exorbitant amounts of time and money spent on water collection, in addition to the illnesses and associated expenses that may follow from drinking the unsafe water, keep these moms and their families trapped in a cycle of poverty. One such mom is Doli. 

Doli’s kids are her everything. Prior to getting a safe water solution on her property, protecting their health was a painful, costly challenge for Doli. Often, with her youngest in tow, Doli and her baby would travel to a distant community well to fill vessels of water for the family to use. When factors like monsoons or temperatures prevented her long journey to the well, Doli would collect water from a nearby pond. She would perform the chore twice, sometimes three times a day. 

a mother's love a mothers love
© Courtesy of Water.org

As painful as it was for Doli to look back on the toll the water crisis took on her family, she shared, “It was quite common for my children to contract diarrhea or other diseases due to this contaminated water.” The need to keep her family healthy fueled Doli’s desire to give them what she refers to as “the best thing,” and that is safe water at home. 

The effects of climate change, imbalances in economic improvement, and international water-related tension with its bordering countries are some of the reasons Doli’s home of Bangladesh has a significant need for safe water and sanitation development.

Water.org found the country’s healthy microfinance sector and government support to be a favorable combination for doing our part to help increase access to affordable, sustainable, safe water and sanitation solutions for families like Doli’s. To date, we’ve reached more than 8.6 million people with safe water or sanitation in the country, and Doli and her family’s lives have been changed now that they have a water pump and storage tank on their property. 

“I thought it was the best thing to do for my children.”

A small loan for a water pump from Water.org’s local partner in Bangladesh has afforded Doli’s family a new life. In thinking about the multiple ways in which she tried to piece together enough water for their survival, Doli explained, “I never imagined that we would have the ability to install a tank or a pump in our house.”

Looking back at her decision to take out a small loan for her household water solution, Doli recalled, “I thought that if the [water] pump is set up, water would become easily available, and this would take care of the water issues we were facing. I thought it was the best thing to do for my children.

I understand how much Doli wanted to do the best thing for her children. I want to do the same for my five children. Today, Doli smiles proudly, knowing she did it. Doli gave her children safe water. Now, she and her kids experience the health and hope that flow from lasting access to safe water at home.  

To learn more about Water.org’s work in Bangladesh and around the world, visit our website.

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