Conserve Land and You Conserve Life


Saba Ahmad and Bob Barnett © Photo by Sasha Sefter

Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy’s (EBC’s) 25th Anniversary!

EBC was formed in 1996 to protect and conserve land on the Niagara Escarpment and in its watersheds. With our first project, we learned that land is not just acres. It is alive. Views, hiking, mammals, places for migratory birds and Monarchs. People. EBC set out to Conserve Land and found we were Conserving Life.

EBC’s nature is your nature

200+ preserves; variety to explore for a lifetime and never see it all. 100 km of trails in every season. Spring frogs in chorus. Bird calls from shaded trees. Loons alone in fall. Silent groves of snow. Species so rare, we tell no one. EBC’s nature is your nature. Open, but some secrets.

EBC’s people

Alive and diverse, each sharing a keen awareness they are in and of nature and that harm to the earth is ongoing. Two stand out. Bob Barnett, EBC’s Director; an architect by training, a doer by habit. Bob meets landowners; they arrange conserved futures. Bob was part of EBCs start and is part of each EBC nature preserve.

Our Chair, Saba Ahmad, a devoted environmental activist since her teens, is now a lawyer and mother of three. Saba led the clean air drive to electrify Toronto’s airport trains. Then, she joined EBC’s Board and electrified our operations and outlook. Since joining us in 2013, Saba has worked on over 100 new nature preserves and funding to secure and steward others. Saba’s vision has helped EBC work for reconciliation with First Nations. EBC, time aware, care and results-driven. Join us.

conserve land
Heaven’s Gate from the south in the early morning fog © Photo Courtesy of Escarpment Biosphere

Results you can walk on; results you can breathe

EBC’s Heaven’s Gate project in 2021 joined 2,400 acres linking Killarney to La Cloche Prov. Park. Protecting 12 rare species, a spectacular trail, and day hikes for visitors in an old-growth forest.

Save land and help Monarch butterflies, All in one go

Join the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy and donate $25 for land. Your donation will help conserve 370 acres on Manitoulin Island, and you will get a packet of Milkweed seeds to make homes for Monarch Butterflies!

People, nature, and conservation come together in EBC. Over 100 families donated land outright. It is their nature, and they want it to endure. Land conservation is for people now and to come. It is your nature and life for all people, all creatures. Help EBC grow. Visit EBC preserves. Be part of a growing land trust. Help EBC conserve 2,500 acres for our 25th Anniversary. For you. For generations. Conserve land. Conserve life.

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Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy is the largest Ontario-focused and most efficient land conservation organization. EBC protects 18,689 acres of land (75.66 sq km).


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