Investments in STEM Education Will Pay Dividends for Generations


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The world we live in is rapidly changing, and there is a high demand for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills and STEM education in multiple disciplines to drive the innovation needed to thrive.

Kids are natural, curious learners, and the way they discover the world around them is inspiring. They have an innate desire to ask questions, explore everything, and test theory after theory. Engaging youth in STEM education from early years through high school nurtures these skills, inspires curiosity, and encourages all students to push boundaries and imagine the impossible.

By encouraging kids to ask and answer questions, you foster the development of reasoning skills that are essential to understanding and discovering STEM-based concepts. They begin to think about their world by making connections and exploring new ideas, which is essential to developing curious, critical thinkers as they grow older. Questions open the door to inquiry and wonder. They stimulate discussion, interest, and exploration that may otherwise go untapped.

Due to its foundation of inquiry-based learning and problem solving, STEM education provides youth with the skills they need to grow into our future job and wealth creators who are prepared to tackle the most pressing issues facing our planet.

From practical or technical skills like using a piece of machinery to digital literacy to advanced skills that enable us to take risks, invent new technologies, and create solutions for sustainable development, youth are faced with a future that will be increasingly dependent on STEM.

© Photo Courtesy of Let's Talk Science

Digital skills are becoming the new ABC’s

Let’s Talk Science recognizes the importance of providing youth, parents/caregivers, and educators with the resources, strategies, and tools necessary to help prepare youth in Canada to participate and thrive in a digital economy. “Coding and digital skills are becoming the new ABCs, fundamental to jobs of the future,” said Bonnie Schmidt, President and Founder of Let’s Talk Science. “Children and youth across Canada need to be curious, ask questions and be capable of challenging the status quo in order to succeed.”

Connecting youth’s passions and interests will spark curiosity and encourage collaboration while broadening their awareness and value of STEM education. Together, we are helping youth build the skills they need—because our future depends on it.

To find out how Let’s Talk Science free programs and resources engage children and youth virtually and in the classroom, visit

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