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Together, we’re building a more prosperous and inclusive future for all, in the most effective way. For nearly 60 years, we have sent Canadian volunteers into thousands of communities worldwide to share their skills, and pooled local donations from generous Canadians so that communities can build better futures to end poverty.

But don’t take it from us. Take it from the people Cuso works with.

Nadette is saving for her own plot of land, thanks to an agricultural training program offered by Cuso in Porto Nuevo, Benin. She enrolled in the Songhai farming project and spent a year and a half learning the skills she needed to grow and sell her crops. “After my training, I decided not to work for anyone. I want to be independent,” says Nadette, who grows and sells a variety of vegetables to support her family.

Currently farming on a rented plot, Nadette puts money away every month to purchase her own land. Her work ethic is inspiring for other young women. She wants to see more young women take up farming. When she’s not tending to her own plot, Nadette is teaching other women the tools of the trade. Véronique is one of those young women. She signed up for the Songhai program as a way to support her parents and siblings. Her dream is to also own a plot of land where she can grow and cultivate her crops. Learning from other female farmers and seeing their success motivates her every time she steps into the field.

“It’s a big dream to have my own money. As a woman, that’s very important,” says Véronique. “I’m very happy to say this is my job because everybody should have a purpose and it’s very important to have your own money. That’s empowerment.”

We know the value of each dollar we receive and we’re effective at scaling it up to achieve big impact. We connect Canadian volunteers with local partners to drive our people-centred approach to the challenges of overcoming poverty and inequality, all while navigating the added challenges and pressures of COVID-19. As the year comes to a close and the giving season begins, know that a gift to support women like Veronique and Nadette can make a world of difference. A donation to Cuso before December 31st means much more than just a tax credit. It means you’re directly supporting real people to drive their own development, community by community.

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Together with our partners we’re solving problems, creating solutions and building a more prosperous and inclusive world for all.


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