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Understanding that both the social and environmental determinants of health differ depending on where and how one lives, we seek to improve resiliency for all, through advocacy for policy change and through education and engagement of Canadians.

It can be a crazy time these days for parents of young children. The last thing you need is to hear about another health risk for your child.

The Foundation for Resilient Health (RESILIENT) makes it easy to skip over the worry and straight to simple actions that improve children’s health. Their new program, Healthy Habits for Healthy Humans, talks about some environmental exposures that many people are unaware of. Exposure to plasticizers, flame retardants, radon, mould, and heavy metals can cause some serious immediate and long-term health impacts for some children and are common in most homes. The good news is that it is easy to reduce children’s exposure to these toxins.

You can play your part. These easy tips and brochures are available for parents on RESILIENT’s website:

  • Do not use plastic containers for reheating or hot food. Choose glass or ceramic containers.
  • Clear away dust with a wet cloth or wet mop regularly.
  • Avoid scented products.
  • Leave your outdoor shoes at the door.
  • Test your home for Radon gas.
  • If you smell or see mould, take action to stop the dampness that mould needs to survive.
  • Keep any type of smoke outside.

RESILIENT offers a freely available Toolbox on this topic, so that other individuals and organizations can teach others about these easy actions. This provides excellent information for pre-natal classes!

The goal of RESILIENT is to create changes that will lead to healthier, more resilient Canadians who can adapt to life’s challenges and contribute to a vibrant Canada. You can check out our platform for policy changes on our website. RESILIENT relies on donations from supporters.

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