An Eco Expedition: Four Sustainable Travel Destinations in U.S.

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By Allie Murray

The United States has vast beauty to explore, with something new waiting to be discovered in every state, making for many sustainable travel destinations in U.S. to discover.

Sustainable travel is made easy when traveling through the U.S., especially with the abundance of states and cities that are pledging to make the country a greener place.

We’ve rounded up four must-visit destinations for travelers to explore across the country.

Atlantis Submarines

Waikiki, Maui, or Kona

Explore the beauty of Hawaii from under the sea with Atlantis Submarines! Showcasing the natural phenomenon of sea life, Atlantis Submarines uses environmentally safe submarines that are battery powered, emit no pollutants, and quietly move through the water to not disturb the natural environment.

The tours are available in Waikiki, Maui, and Kona—and the team at Atlantis Submarines is working towards benefitting our oceans. At the sites in Waikiki in Maui, they have installed artificial reefs to create self-sustaining habitats for fish and marine life. Similarly, the dive site in Kona is home to a 25-acre coral reef garden. Atlantis closely observes the reef but leaves it untouched.

On the tours, expect to see green turtles, sharks, stingrays, yellow tangs, eels, and so much more.

sustainable travel destinations in U.S.
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Arctic Dog Adventure Co.

Fairbanks, Alaska

With ecotourism at the forefront of their tours, Arctic Dog Adventure Co. offers a wide variety of sustainable and luxurious tours in Alaska. Explore the region with a dog sled expedition, women’s retreats, or even an Aurora Borealis overnight viewing trip.

Arctic Dog Adventure Co. strives to offer low-impact access to wilderness across Alaska, connect adventure seekers with Northern landscapes, and educate the public about sled dogs and mushing while honoring the heritage of the Siberian Husky.

As the first dog sledding company in Alaska to be certified by Adventure Green Alaska, the team has redefined ecotourism as not only a way to protect our planet, but to offer travelers a responsible and authentic Alaskan experience. They strive to practice economic, environmental, social, and cultural responsibility while offering dog sled tours of the highest quality.

In the summer, enjoy a hike with huskies where you can choose your own hiking buddy and embark on a nature walk through the Alaskan wilderness. The hikes are available from June 1 to September 30, 2022.

sustainable travel destinations in U.S.
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Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden

Jacksonville, Oregon

Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden is nestled along southern Oregon, operating with a nature-focused farming approach, instilling harmony with the ecosystem.

The wine is crafted with a biodynamic winemaking approach, meaning they create wines with the least amount of intervention, chemicals, additives, or ingredients. The goal is to allow the grapes to develop the purest wine possible.

With a trip to Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden, you can enjoy breathing landscapes and wine tastings of the best wines imaginable, all made sustainably and locally.

sustainable travel destinations in U.S.
© Pexels/Gustavo Fring

SCP Hotel

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Operating with Soul, Community, and Planet in mind, SCP Holistic Hospitality gets its name from its core beliefs. With hotels across the U.S., SCP Holistic Hospitality is a chain of hotels that encourage guests to travel sustainably.

In Colorado, the hotel is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, and the rooms are thoughtfully designed and environmentally friendly. With every stay at SCP Holistic Hospitality, they aim to give back to the community through kindness and giving back to the planet.

At the Colorado Springs location, visitors can enjoy a gym, a healthy food market, and 174 rooms with sustainably and regionally sourced designs.


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