Disrupting the Dairy Industry: Local Co-op Launches Canada’s First Zero-Carbon Milk Carton


Photo © Courtesy of Organic Meadow

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As Canada’s first organic dairy, Organic Meadow has been trusted by Canadian families to provide high-quality organic dairy foods that taste true to nature since 1989.

With sustainability at the front of mind, the Guelph-based farmer-owned co-operative has announced that it has transitioned its 2L organic milk to Elopak’s carbon-neutral paperboard milk carton, Pure- Pak® Natural Brown Board.

As the demand for environmentally responsible packaging grows, as does Organic Meadow’s commitment to limiting its contribution to climate change.

Research shows that 37 percent of Canadian consumers say carbon footprint is an environmental concern when purchasing food and beverage, with 57 percent likely to avoid products that have a lot of packaging within the next year, to limit their contribution to climate change.

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© Courtesy of Organic Meadow

Organic Meadow’s zero-carbon carton delivers on this growing demand and provides a responsible option for climate-conscious consumers. This innovative package is the first carbon-neutral carton in North America, after successful launches in European markets, and is a continuation of Organic Meadow’s long-standing commitment to putting the planet first, forging a future that is ethical, clean, and transparent.

“From the moment we learned of a carbon neutral packaging option for milk, we were immediately committed to adopting it,” says Maurice Bianchi, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at Organic Meadow. “We’re extremely proud to be the first dairy in North America to bring this innovative new carton to Canadians and we hope that our actions will inspire others to join us on a journey toward a more sustainable future.”

Recognizable by its distinct brown hue, this sustainable package is made with natural, unbleached, FSC-certified paperboard and generates 27 percent fewer CO2 emissions—the lowest CO2 emissions of any 2L carton! The cartons are produced using 18 percent less material and one less packaging layer, making them lighter than traditional milk cartons. The remaining carbon emissions are reduced to net zero through verified protection carbon offset programs resulting in a Certified CarbonNeutral® package.


It comes down to having the will and desire to make sustainability a key pillar for your business, and Organic Meadow’s history is rooted in sustainability. “For over 30 years, we’ve been on a journey to build a more circular future, and our new, zero-carbon milk carton brings us one step closer to this goal,” says Nancy Korva, Senior Vice-President of Organic Meadow.

Organic Meadow’s Zero-Carbon 2L Organic Milk Cartons are available in 5 varieties—3.8%, 2%, 1%, Skim and Lactose-Free—and can now be found across Ontario at major grocers and health food stores, including Metro, Longo’s, and Whole Foods.

Choosing organic is about more than food you can feel good about today—at its heart, organic is a choice that helps keep our planet healthy for tomorrow. When you choose Organic Meadow’s Zero-Carbon cartons, you’re supporting a healthy and sustainable planet for you, your family, and generations to come.

Learn more at organicmeadow.com

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© Courtesy of Organic Meadow
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© Courtesy of Organic Meadow

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It was over 25 years ago that Organic Meadow pioneered the organic dairy movement in Canada.



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