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Photo  © Courtesy of The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

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At the cusp of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s (PETF) 20th Anniversary, 15 emerging global heroes were welcomed into the PETF 2021-2024 Scientific Cycle of Language, Culture and Identity. In addition to academic excellence, these impressive doctoral Scholars were selected based on their demonstrated commitment to deep listening, profound curiosity, and willingness to engage with diverse people, cultures, ideologies, and perspectives.

This leadership journey aims to empower the Scholars to have meaningful impacts in Canada and the world. Accompanied and mentored by PETF Fellows and Mentors, the 2021-24 Scholars will be immersed within the Foundation’s experiential leadership programming and Brave Spaces of democratic dialogue to share various perspectives on complex and intersecting issues of language, culture, and identity.

All pictures below © courtesy of The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

005-GHN - Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation - R. Akhmetova Photo
Roxana Akhmetova (Oxford University)
005-GHN - Trudeau - M. Juliana Angarita Photo
María Juliana Angarita (Université du Québec à Montréal)
005-GHN - Trudeau - M. Auger Photo
Monique Auger (University of Victoria)
005-GHN - Trudeau - P. Baral Photo
Prativa Baral (John Hopkins University)
005-GHN - Trudeau - L. Belporo Photo
Lydie C. Belporo (Université de Montréal)
005-GHN - Trudeau - E. Cossette-Lefebvre Photo
Étienne Cossette-Lefebvre (University of Toronto)
005-GHN - Trudeau - A. Desrosiers Photo 2
Anick Desrosiers (McGill University)
005-GHN - Trudeau - R. Grenier-Benoit Photo
Raphaël Grenier-Benoit (University of Oxford)
005-GHN - Trudeau - J. Mah Photo
Jasmine Cassy Mah (Dalhousie University)
005-GHN - Trudeau - B. Maxey Photo
Byron Maxey (University of Toronto)
005-GHN - Trudeau - K. Okeefe Photo
Kowan O’Keefe (University of Maryland)
005-GHN - Trudeau - J. Okyere Photo
Joshua Okyere (University of Manitoba)
005-GHN - Trudeau - C. Robinson Photo
Chanelle Robinson (Boston College)
005-GHN - Trudeau - C. Wood Photo
Christina Wood (York University)
005-GHN - Trudeau - K. Heales Photo
Kylie Heales, Mary-Jean Mitchell Green – PET Scholar (University of Alberta)

This impressive cohort of Scholars includes: Roxana Akhmetova (Oxford University), María Juliana Angarita (Université du Québec à Montréal), Monique Auger (University of Victoria), Prativa Baral (John Hopkins University), Lydie C. Belporo (Université de Montréal), Étienne Cossette-Lefebvre (University of Toronto), Anick Desrosiers (McGill University), Raphaël Grenier-Benoit (University of Oxford), Jasmine Cassy Mah (Dalhousie University), Byron Maxey (University of Toronto), Kowan O’Keefe (University of Maryland), Joshua Okyere (University of Manitoba), Chanelle Robinson (Boston College), Christina Wood (York University), and Kylie Heales, Mary-Jean Mitchell Green – PET Scholar (University of Alberta).

A key criterion of the PETF Scholars selection is their valuable engagement with societal issues that impact Canadian and international communities. Their research topics span a variety of cutting-edge issues, from ethical artificial intelligence in the context of immigration to governance, peacebuilding, and heritage-building frameworks in Latin America and in Africa.

Legal Scholars are studying the concept and right of self-ownership or the role of the judiciary in social change; while social justice, management, and health Scholars are investigating impacts of trauma and homelessness, healthcare for the elderly, Indigenous or Métis child welfare, and innovation and entrepreneurship in Haiti and Tunisia. Environmental and history Scholars are focusing on socio-political and ethical strategies to achieve net-zero emissions goals or the transformation of the Ottawa River to a regulated, recreational place.

Recently, the Scholars convened at an “Experiential Journey of Heritage in Quebec City” from October 12-15 (#PETF2021LCIHeritageQC). This immersive experience started at the Huron-Wendat First Nations Museum and Ekionkiestha’ National Longhouse in Wendake, QC, followed by a stay at the Monastère des Augustines—the birthplace of the first hospital in Canada, and a visit to Quebec City Hall.

The PETF recently launched its next Call for Scholarship Applications due on December 21, 2021.

To apply for a scholarship and learn more about the 2021 Schloars, visit trudeaufoundation.ca

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