Sustainable Sanctuary: Japanese Minimalism Meets Scandinavian Chic

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Turn your home into a sanctuary by inviting a fusion of global styles into your space with the increasingly popular “Japandi” aesthetic. Rooted in a longing for a sustainable, serene but lived-in look, this is set to become your new design philosophy.

The minimalist lifestyle coincides with sustainability, urging people to make lifestyle choices that are beneficial to themselves, the environment and society. Whether it be through minimalistic design trends, zero waste, or making intentional choices, the move to a more minimalist lifestyle can have a significant impact on the environment.

Create your dreamy yet stylish oasis by embracing this design approach using tips from Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert.

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Photo © Courtesy of News Canada
Photo © Pexels/Rachel Claire
Photo © Pexels/Rachel Claire
Find serenity through colour

Create harmony at home by choosing a soothing palette of earth-inspired neutrals. These rich neutrals will help bring balance to the sleek lines of Scandinavian-style furniture.

“To successfully find balance in this stylish fusion and bring calm to your space, avoid cool tones and bright shades of white. Instead, opt for colours like Muslin OC-12 or Jute AF-80 that will transform your space into a comfortable oasis,” recommends Grech.

Create soothing interiors with simplicity

Japanese and Scandinavian design styles complement each other, as they both embody simplicity and comfort. Their shared aesthetics come together to create a style that is both easygoing and sophisticated.

“Try using a paint like Regal Select in a matte finish to give your space an effortless appeal and achieve a stylish balance of elegance and tranquillity,” advises Grech. “Choosing to paint in a matte finish embodies a restful sense of ease.”

Be intentional, not minimal

Japandi design is about achieving a livable balance between aesthetics and everyday life. Decreasing clutter and being mindful of your furniture and décor choices are key. Although this style focuses on open, clean spaces, you don’t have to say goodbye to everything.
Instead of trying to be minimal, be thoughtful about editing your space—keep your treasured pieces and give them room to shine, and use storage pieces (like storage ottomans and baskets) to keep out-of-season items out of sight. Do some good and donate anything that no longer works.


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