The Green Beaver Philosophy: Goodness Inside & Out


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Each of us has the opportunity to create a positive impact in this world. For you, that might mean using reusable bags when you shop, donating to charitable organizations, or planting pollinator-friendly plants! For Green Beaver Company, that means creating products that do not harm animals, do not harm the earth, and do not harm you.

After years of working as biochemists and microbiologists, Green Beaver co-founders Karen and Alain were appalled at the number of dangerous ingredients used to create hygiene products, especially for children. They decided to put their knowledge to good use and create an all-natural alternative to harmful products, providing healthy options to future generations of Canadian families.

Green Beaver was founded on the belief that humans can live happily and healthfully off of the goodness that Mother Nature provides. By making it a priority to use organic, locally-grown ingredients, we can reduce transportation energy and waste while encouraging more Canadian farmers to adopt organic growing practices. It’s a win-win for Canadians and the planet!

In 2011, Green Beaver launched the first Canadian organic mineral sunscreen, a product that paved the way for how Green Beaver would change the way Canadians cared for themselves and their families. Soon after came the Organic Honey Lip Balm, which aimed to combat the precipitous decline of bees.

With natural ingredients like sunflower oil, potassium nitrate, sage, and other organic elements, Green Beaver creates sustainable, reliable products with the environment and people in mind.
In 2016, Green Beaver Company became the first Canadian company to be Plastic Microbead-free since day one!

“We all have the power to change the industries that are causing harm, and we can do it simply by choosing what we consume.”

Photo © Courtesy of Green Beaver

Green Beaver products are made without animal testing, animal cruelty, or synthetic substitutes. Why use chemically engineered vitamin E when natural vitamin E is so much better for your body? Using green-tech ingredients means we can create natural, vegan-friendly* products without any of the toxins.

Simply put, the Green Beaver philosophy is that healthy and happy is the best way to live, and that’s what we intend to do. And with our new, aluminum-free, all-natural antiperspirant, there’s no compromise between products that work and products that are natural. Green Beaver NaturaDri™ uses jojoba and mimosa flower wax esters to help keep you dry, naturally.

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*The majority of Green Beaver products are vegan-friendly, except for a few products that contain organic beeswax.

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Green Beaver was developed as a reaction to the harsh chemicals found in children’s shampoos, bubble baths, and other self-care products.


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