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Photo © Courtesy of Tree Canada

Across the country, climate change and land conversion are reducing forest cover and affecting overall forest health. From increased forest fires to pest occurrences that impact biodiversity, soil, air/water quality, and wildlife habitat, it’s never been more critical to protect our urban and rural forests.

Green spaces are part of what makes this country unique, and an even bigger part of why tree planting and forest revitalization are so important. Tree Canada knows that the social, psychological, and economic benefits of trees make them worth preserving, and that knowledge has driven their commitment to champion and expand Canada’s forests for over 25 years.

As the only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments, Tree Canada has planted more than 83 million trees across the country, thanks to its community partners and supporters. Through one of its most popular programs—the National Greening Program—the organization carries out mass seedling plantings wherever there is a need for forest rehabilitation, afforestation, or ecosystem restoration.

Trees are essential to all life.
Help us create a greener future
for generations to come.

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This flagship program supports local conservation organizations, Indigenous communities, small woodlot owners, and municipalities covering hundreds of hectares in five regions nationwide (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, and British Columbia). The planting sites are carefully identified and selected for optimal environmental and community benefits to ensure vast green spaces for generations to come.

In addition to being incredible carbon sinks by capturing and storing carbon, trees clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink. Planting trees also vastly improves the quality of our natural surroundings, offering a wealth of environmental and ecological benefits, such as increasing wildlife habitat and corridors, reducing noise pollution, improving moisture retention, reducing soil erosion and increasing levels of biodiversity. Planting trees makes an impact that spans generations and benefits Canadians and countless animals and plants.

Photo © Courtesy of Tree Canada

The National Greening Program makes planting trees an easy, affordable, and hands-off option for those who want to safeguard forests, clean air, water and soil for future generations. These plantings also support local land stewards who want to restore the ecosystems of their regions. Each $5 tree seedling is planted in one of the five regions in Canada mentioned above.

All contributions made before December 31st will be planted in 2022. With each seedling planted, we continue to grow better places to live.

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The National Greening Program is mass seedling plantings across Canada, where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation.


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