Give a Gift That Saves a Life This Holiday Season


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In some of the world’s hardest places to be a child, Canadians like you can stand up for children. That’s what Survival Gifts® are all about.

Survival Gifts have a real, life-saving impact. The Survival Gift you give today will reach children who need it most. Choose from gifts that provide healthcare, safe water, nutrition, education, protection, or emergency relief. When you purchase a Survival Gift, UNICEF delivers it directly to children and their families in urgent need. They’re real. If you buy a blanket, UNICEF ships a blanket.

When you purchase a Survival Gift, UNICEF Canada will also send a special greeting card to the loved one you wish to honour. A description of each gift is included with every order, and you can choose to receive a printed card with an envelope, a printable PDF card, or send a personalized e-card with your order. With COVID-19 impacting children’s healthcare and education everywhere, there’s never been a better time to pick out something meaningful. Gift givers will get a tax receipt for the amount of their gifts.

Provide save water for $22 © UNICEF/UN0367574/Tremeau
Vaccinate 3 people from COVID-19 for $14.43 © UNICEF/UN0482631/Sujan

Give the gift of survival this holiday season. You can send Plumpy’Nut®, a therapeutic food to treat malnutrition—and for just $11 you can help treat nine children. Or give a gift that will make sure frontline health workers in low and middle-income countries can be vaccinated from COVID-19 for as little as $14.43. Or for $78, you can share the life-changing gift of education by sending two girls to school for one year.

And right now, some gifts will go twice as far. Gifts like the COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Packs and Girls Education are being matched by generous donors. That means your generosity will impact twice as many children.

These gifts will be delivered in time, no rush at the malls. Choose from over 40 life-changing gifts that have a real impact. What you purchase is what the child receives.

All gifts are available at

Educate two girls for $78 © UNICEF/UNI100449/Noorani
Send Plumpy’Nut to treat children for malnutrition for $11 © UNICEF/UNI163827/Pirozzi

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A little from you can mean a whole lot to them. This holiday, send a life-saving Survival Gift to children.


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